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Mad Men – “The Milk and Honey Route”

I can’t believe there’s only one episode left of Mad Men. Though there are a couple characters that still need screen time (Peggy didn’t even appear in this episode, which makes me think she’ll be featured heavily in the finale), … Continue reading

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Mad Men – Let’s Roll

I was traveling recently, and missed reviewing the last couple episodes of Mad Men. So this blog will do double-duty, since I loved “Time and Life” so much that I can’t not talk about it. Everything from here on out … Continue reading

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Mad Men – Au Revoir

Hmm. With only a handful of Mad Men episodes left, I have to say it: this week’s episode didn’t spend these precious remaining moments with people I particularly cared about. As always, no spoilers, so only click if you want to … Continue reading

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Mad Men – Is This All There Is?

It almost feels silly, writing about Mad Men almost 24 hours after the episode “Severance” aired, because thousands of words have already been written on the topic. I was up long past my bedtime, reading review after review, breakdown after … Continue reading

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TV Shows I Liked in 2014

This year, I’ve watched much less TV than I usually do. So many of my favorite shows ended or will end soon, and I haven’t picked up very many new shows at all. Still, some TV series stand out when … Continue reading

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Mad Men – “Waterloo”

And I thought last week’s episode of Mad Men was good. I’ll be watching “Waterloo”, Mad Men‘s mid-season finale that aired on Sunday, again. In fact, I think I’ll be watching it again soon. It was one of those perfect … Continue reading

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Mad Men – “The Strategy”

I must have miscounted, because I was expecting this week’s episode of Mad Men to be the last of 2014. I was wrong – that’s Sunday, May 25. I wrote last week that I found “The Runaways” to be a strange … Continue reading

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