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Glee: “The Quarterback”

There was a lot of fantastic pop culture writing about Glee‘s farewell to Cory Monteith yesterday, and the messages were all very similar. It was a very good episode, probably the best the show could do with the very sad … Continue reading

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Glee – We Could Be Heroes

OK, let’s briefly discuss Glee from Thursday, because it featured almost the entire cast dressed in superhero costumes. I expected the superhero theme to be lame, and it was a little. But it didn’t drag down the episode. Once you … Continue reading

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Reasons why this week’s episode of ‘Glee’ was dumb:

Sue’s vendetta against glee club is so2009 A professor giving her least favorite student and her random roommate airmiles to fly home to Ohio for a high school musical? Ridiculous. Even if she’s trying to bed a student. The musical … Continue reading

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A Collection of Thoughts About Last Night’s ‘Glee’

I don’t have it in me to write a full review of Glee this week. The show has been MUCH better this season than last, but I also can’t say I really missed it while it was on hiatus. So … Continue reading

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Glee – Teenage Dreams Shattered

Let’s talk about how really freaking good Glee was last night, shall we? I’ll begin by stating the obvious: Glee has always been inconsistent, but season one was generally good. Then things started to slide, until we had the trainwreck … Continue reading

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Glee –, Everybody Move To The Music

This could be dangerous. I’m beginning to think Glee is good again. But, guys! I liked this week’s episode! That’s three in a row – a hat trick! (Look at me, using sports metaphors…I think.) “Makeover” was Sarah Jessica Parker’s … Continue reading

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Glee – Oops, They Did It Again

(How many other recappers do you think used that headline today? My guess is all of us.) Can it be? Two solid Glee episodes in a row? Considering I was planning to break up with this show, I keep waiting … Continue reading

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