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DVD Flashback ‘Friday’ – Sherlock, Series One and Two

For a while now, I’ve been hearing about a show everyone loves called Sherlock and an actor everyone loves called Benedict Cumberbatch. Yep, that’s a dude’s name. Pretty awesome. So after catching up on Breaking Bad and still full on … Continue reading

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DVD Flashback “Friday” – Breaking Bad, Season Four

I’m finally all caught up on Breaking Bad! What a show. It’s exciting, scintillating, and the perfect mix of rapidly moving chaos and slow, day-to-day minutia. With only two episodes left in the first half of season five, I’ll wait … Continue reading

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DVD Flashback Friday – ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Three

On August 8th I wrote a DVD Flashback “Friday” review of seasons one and two of Breaking Bad, a show literally everyone I know had been telling me to watch for several years. I watched those seasons in less than … Continue reading

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DVD Flashback ‘Friday’ – Breaking Bad – Seasons One and Two

*Yeah yeah, I know it’s not Friday. I was too excited to wait. After years of saying I’m going to do it, I’ve finally begun watching Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad has been on the back burner for a while despite … Continue reading

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Happy Endings: I’m on board!

I haven’t had a chance to write any DVD Flashback Friday posts recently (but one on Downton Abbey will happen soon), but since last night’s episode of Happy Endings was just so damn funny I had to write about it.

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DVD Flashback Friday: Band of Brothers

Guess what, guys? Almost two years later, I have finally followed through on my commitment to watch the HBO Miniseries from 2001, Band of Brothers. You’re proud of me, right? OK, yes, so I stalled on this for a while. … Continue reading

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DVD Flashback Friday: Raising Hope

I have a confession to make. I totally flaked out with DVD Flashback Friday this summer. Are you ready for my excuses? I moved, it took forever to get my phone/Internet/TV hooked up, Bachelor Pad took all my writing energy, … Continue reading

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