The Bachelor – The Women Tell All, But Say Little

This week, the women tell all! Ah, this is the episode I live for. When everyone has to awkwardly face their poor behavior while trying to audition to be the next bachelorette.


Things started off with a lot of bickering, with Britt confronting Carly and many other women chiming in as well. Obviously, there are a lot of strong feelings about Britt. Jillian really, really likes her. Carly, clearly, doesn’t.

I’m sure there’s some merit to what the women said about Britt being contradictory. But damn, does Carly ever shut up? Britt seems like a flake, but a nice flake. Carly just seems petty and mean.

Whatever, though. Weren’t we all really here to see the women unite to take down Kelsey?


Kelsey got into the hot seat and sobbed “I feel…sniff…like I’m…sniff…grieving all over again.” Oh man, here she goes! Kelsey is so forceful in her act, I sometimes wonder if she herself believes it. She blew her nose in Chris Harrison’s pocket square and the other women were SO grossed out. This is how you know the handkerchief has officially evolved into a pocket square, useful only for fashion.

I thought it was strange how Chris Harrison let people basically have at Britt, and interrupt and harp on how much they dislike her, yet he kept the conversation with Kelsey so controlled. She was given much more of a platform to redeem herself than Britt was, and it seemed like Chris was trying to turn Ashley I. the villain.

I was right, though. I don’t think anyone stuck up for Kelsey. She was universally disliked.

Ashley S.

Man, that interview was just as weird as Ashley’s entire run on the show. I don’t want to comment on this much because, well, what is her deal? Is it a put-on? Is she on drugs? Or…something else? I don’t think I can comfortably point and laugh, the way I can at literally everyone else on this show.


Poor Jade. She’s being so harshly judged by the people who make this show, and well, it’s this show. No one felt like admitting that going on The Bachelor is like, only two or three steps up from posing for playboy. I mean, if you were going to make a Venn diagram of Bachelor contestants and people who’ve posed nude, would Jade be the ONLY one in both circles?

Jade was the most hurt by things Chris wrote in his blog the morning after her elimination episode aired. Fair enough, but do we think Chris is actually responsible for writing those? Or do you think Jimmy Kimmel writes them for him?


Around an hour and a half in (yes, this was TWO HOURS long, as always) we heard from the woman who will inevitably be the next bachelorette, Kaitlyn. I like Kaitlyn, but do I ever find listening to people talk about being “vulnerable” and having “feelings” boring. NEXT!


Chris hit the stage and shared the Longest. Hug. Ever. with Britt. There should have been a timer on that thing, or a trap door that opened when it reached peak awkwardness. Their conversation was bland and instantly forgettable.

I was more interested in Chris’s response to Kaitlyn’s question, which was “Why did you make me go through a rose ceremony?” The answer was, basically “Because that’s the show.” But we know that not everyone always follows the rules of the show – Kaitlyn pointed out that Andi did Chris the courtesy of a (semi) private breakup. So really, the answer was “Because I’m a dope.”

I think that sums up this episode.


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One Response to The Bachelor – The Women Tell All, But Say Little

  1. Mum says:

    Why is Britt such a bloody crybaby? Sheesh girl! Pull it together! And she actually still thinks that if it hadn’t been for Carly she would have ended up with Chris. Even her extra loooong hug and that simpering conversation with him were so clearly a play to get him to regret his decision that it was embarrassing. MOVE ON woman it’s not going to happen for you.
    And… Kelsey. Wow! I don’t know who this Sanderson Poe guy was but she is making sure we all know his name. She constantly references him by name like we should all totally know who he is already ( oo-ooh him! ) or she’s getting paid per mention. I loved it that the women weren’t going to let her off the hook about that “isn’t my story amazing” comment. It was friggin’ weird and nothing she said could justify it.
    The only one who I thought sort of deserved some sympathy was Jade. She seemed genuinely hurt by what she had read on his blog as opposed to what he had said to her face about the nude pictures. She just wanted an honest reaction from him that night and he tried to sugar coat it when he knew it was the death knell for their relationship.
    Kaitlyn is def the new bachelorette. She played the blindsided victim perfectly and she clearly has the audience support to be the next lead. She will come back on the aftershow with fresh enthusiasm and a renewed faith in “the process”. Stay tuned, bachelor nation.
    P.S. Those bachelor viewing parties were a tad over the top, no?

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