Orphan Black: “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”

Wow! Big episode of Orphan Black this weekend. I know I say it every time I check in on this show on the blog, but man oh man – Orphan Black is one of the most exciting shows on TV right now. It kills me that I have to wait full weeks between episodes.

In this second season, I think the writers have done a good job of expanded the show’s universe at a good speed. The stakes are being raised, but the storyline isn’t spiraling out of control. orphan black

Kira is now at the center of much of the drama, and could be the cure to what ails the clones – but at what price? The show has been building to this for quite some time, and they’re doing a great job with it. Sarah, of course, has Kira’s best interests at heart. And as far as I can tell, so does Siobhan. Kira’s dad also seems like he wants to protect her. And even though she needs Kira to live, Cosima also cares for her little niece. But even though everyone is looking out for Kira, there are bound to be disagreements over what’s best for her.

This episode delivered some great stuff with Alison in rehab, and we got some more scenes with clones impersonating other clones – always fun. I think I played the scene where Vic passed out into a table covered in craft supplies four times. I don’t know if it was the character or the actor, but Felix was struggling to keep a straight face.

Possibly the best line of the episode: “I can’t go to jail, Felix! I don’t have the temperament! In the shower, if they touch me, I will CUT them!”

Alison finally confronted Donnie about everything, but it turned out he knew almost nothing – he didn’t know who he was really reporting to, he didn’t know about the secret nighttime medical tests, and he didn’t know about the clones. Poor, stupid Donnie. Furious at how what he’d thought was an innocent sociology experiment had ruined his marriage, he confronted Dr. Leekie.

The timing was such that he caught Leekie just as he’d had to make a run for it from the Dyad Institute, thanks to some fantastic strategic plays from Siobhan. He knew his life was in danger, but I bet he never thought it would be Donnie, the “turnip”, who’d do it. Donnie accidentally fired the gun in the car, and Leekie went everywhere.

I think Rachel turning on Leekie would have had more of an impact had viewers really understood the depth of their relationship. Still, it was a good scene and an interesting plot twist. How will this influence Rachel’s next moves? I assume she’ll still be out for Kira, and therefore an enemy of Clone Club. And what’s Marion’s deal? There are only three episodes left, and I’m dying to know what will happen!


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