Game of Thrones – “First of His Name”

This episode of Game of Thrones wasn’t my favorite. Did anyone else find that it moved a little slow? I often lose patience with this show though, so maybe it’s just me. I’ll keep my thoughts to bullet points this week.


  • I’d be happy if this show was 85% about Daenerys trying to take over the world. She is the Beyonce of Game of Thrones, the one true Queen.
  • Poor Sansa. First she kind of gets called fat, then a slut. Then it’s revealed that she’ll have to marry her weird cousin, once Tyrion is dead. The poor girl just cannot catch a break.
  • You know I love Arya, but telling The Hound that he’s on her hit list wasn’t the wisest move. Especially since her sword teacher was really more of an interpretive dance teacher.
  • Cersei and Maergery dancing around one another is captivating. If Daeny is Beyonce, Cersei is Madonna and Maergery is… Shakira? (To keep this game going, is Sansa Taylor Swift? Is Arya Lorde? (Arya is definitely Lorde.)
  • Jon Snow and Bran Stark = yawn.

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2 Responses to Game of Thrones – “First of His Name”

  1. Jose says:

    Not sure if you know, but seasons 3 and 4 have basically split the content of the third book, but season 3 ended with various stories closer or further from there ending. For the first time this season, they needed to create some filler in the past 2 episodes to keep Jon and Bran’s stories from ending too quickly. You might find Jon marginally more interesting when they get back to the regular story. That is also the reason for the odd pacing with a busy beginning and a slower middle. Things should pick up again this weekend if the trial starts.

    The Hound was always always on Arya’s list for killing her friend in season/book 1. It might not have been the best idea to let him know, but I think she is still mad about him robbing that family. Also, I think you are a little hard on Syrio. He was (is?) a very talented fencer, but only had less than a year to work with Arya.

    I want to say something about Sansa, but will hold off for now.

  2. Dana says:

    GoT always has these episodes in the season, they are builder episodes needed to move the plot along.

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