Survivor – Going once, going twice…

auctionHappy Wednesday! I’ll be keeping this week’s Survivor recap short as I began the episode late at night, but feel free to fill in the blanks with your thoughts in the comments! Click on through…

Another CRAZY episode thanks to Tony and his manic, paranoid ways. How is this guy a cop? He is so easily spooked.

This week we were treated to a Survivor auction, which seemed shorter than usual. No luxurious baths or tricky surprise meals that are actually bugs (I mean, rice and water isn’t that bad). We saw Trish, Jefra and Kass buy items before the truly coveted piece came up – a game advantage! Many were waiting for it – as Spencer the economist said, “This auction was a buyers’ market”. Yet, only Spencer and Tony paid their full $500 to draw rocks for the advantage. Not Tasha. I was shocked! She had $500, and chose not to try and win the advantage.

Tony, the luckiest man alive, won the advantage. And Tasha never got the chance to spend that money on food! So dumb. She absolutely should have paid to participate in that draw.

tony 3By the end of the episode, Tony had found the Hidden Immunity Idol – the auction advantage was a clue, not an advantage in the upcoming Immunity Challenge. I don’t care for this. Now, at a late stage of the game, a player was TWO Idols and one of them has special powers. It’s too lopsided! I would feel this way even if a player I enjoyed spencer and tashahad the advantage. The fact that it’s Tony is salt in the wound.

Tasha won the Immunity Challenge – THREEPEAT! I am very impressed. But you know what? If I were anyone else in the game, I would not want to sit next to Tasha in the end. She’s becoming quite the threat.

Throughout the course of the episode, Spencer managed to plant a seed in Tony’s head that the four ladies might align against the three dudes. This was based on nothing other than the four women hanging out together in the water – general laziness, while Tony bitterly worked around camp. But that’s the game! You have to always be on guard for the paranoia of your alliance mates.

Tony couldn’t vote for Tasha, so he convinced Woo that they should take out Jefra instead. He’s been wary of her ever since he built that wacky spy shack. Still, I wasn’t sure they’d go through with it. I was prepared to see my guy Spencer go home at Tribal Council. (Tony, ever the loudmouth, had to reveal one of his Hidden Immunity Idols during Tribal.) But Spencer squeaked by for yet another week! Tony was paranoid enough that he and Woo voted Jefra out.

Wow, this game has really been all over the place. The previews for next week suggest people are getting sick of Tony’s antics, but what can they do? The game is coming to a close and the guy is practically impossible to eliminate with those Idols in his “bag of tricks”. I can’t say I’m happy about that. What do you guys think?


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One Response to Survivor – Going once, going twice…

  1. Davide Maistrello says:

    I really, REALLY wish the producers had avoided the possibility of Tony getting another idol by not putting another into the game. While I will admit Tony’s got game, I don’t like that he’ll probably never have to pay for the many blunders he did – the last one being this vote. WHY DID HE DECIDE TO CUT JEFRA INSTEAD OF SPENCER? She did practically nothing into the game and was shown to us only for the wrong reasons (shaking hands with the minority alliance and then bailing on them). She was dead meat at Final Tribal Council and Tony had to see that. Now he’s in a final six where he has successfully pissed off his closest allies by blindsiding two of the original six members, with the once-minority alliance which is composed by the two biggest challenge threats left in the game!

    And still, for another two weeks Tony won’t have to pay for it. Next week he will use the “mega idol” which I really wish they don’t bring in anymore because, as it was in Cook Islands and Panama, it is too powerful at this stage in the game. And at the Final 5 he’ll use the other idol since it’s the last time he can do it – buying himself a place in the Final 4 with probably Kass, Trish and Woo. If he doesn’t win from that lot, who can?

    The only way I can see Tony losing is if he decides to turn on randomly on another member of the summentioned foursome. If Tasha or Spencer end in the Final 4, the game will be open at least until the very last Immunity Challenge and there will be a serious possibility for Tony to lose it. However, if the cop stays faithful to his original alliance, then fair game to him and let’s get prepared to two very boring episodes + a predictable final. It doesn’t look like a bitter jury so far, or at least one that won’t acknowledge Tony’s merit.

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