Parks and Recreation – There’s No Place Like Pawnee

Parks and Recreation - Season 6Tonight, the hour-long season finale of Parks and Recreation aired. I haven’t written much about Parks this season, but I’ve been enjoying it. Driving much of the storyline was a decision Leslie had to make about whether she should take a job with the National Parks Department in Chicago. And, last week, she found out she is pregnant with twins.

michelle obama on parks and recThis episode gave us an epic “Unity Concert” designed to ease tensions between Pawnee and Eagleton, the opening of Tom’s Bistro, and a fun appearance by Michelle Obama. There was SO much to love here.

I enjoyed the quick trip to San Francsico, since I was there in February and had fun trying to figure out if Leslie and Iben and leslie went to any of the same places. (Hills! The view of the bridge! I don’t know.) Her reaction to meeting Michelle Obama – and those lower government officials who are still like celebrities to Leslie Knope – was comedic gold.


Ron proved he can no longer be influenced by Tammy (with a sassy new haircut) and made a public appearance as Duke Silver. Again, an amazing reaction to that from Leslie.

Leslie decided to take the job, but couldn’t get over her reservations about leaving Pawnee. I figured she’d turn down the job, because this was not a series finale and the show can’t continue with Leslie in Chicago, apart from the rest of the cast. I really liked the alternative the writers came up with. Instead of turning down an opportunity that we know is perfect for Leslie, she convinced them to move the job to her, in Pawnee. She made a great case, because she’s Leslie Effing Knope.

Now, let’s talk about those final three minutes. We got a sneak peek to three years ahead. Leslie is nailing her gig, she and Ben have adorable triplets, and she fired Jon Hamm for being even worse at his job than Larry (now called Terry). It was a fun way to the end season, and I’m really looking forward to this fresh twist for the show next fall.


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