The Bachelor – “The Women Tell All”

women tell allOh, “The Women Tell All”. By far a more interesting episode of The Bachelor than the finale every season – and I think we all knew this one would be juicy.

After fifteen minutes of nonsense, we finally got to the good stuff – the women started to tear Juan Pablo apart for only talking about himself and not asking questions of his girlfriends. Hmm, funsharleenny how none of this stuff came up until Andi brought all that up. It was like all the jilted women saw her leave and went “Yeah! That! I never liked him anyway!” Tell that to the tears you shed in the Reject Limo, ladies.

First in the hot seat was Sharleen. She sounded intelligent – because she is. I reneebelieved that she didn’t know she was Juan Pablo’s favorite, and I believed that all the other women were well aware. Up next was Renee, who generally had good things to say about Juan Pablo. She didn’t love that he waited so long to kiss her, yet was making out with Clare two seconds later. Renee said she’s been dating and is really happy, so yay! She was one of a handful of likable people andithis season.

We were all really waiting to hear from Andi though, right? She said what she thought of Juan Pablo, and it all sounded pretty right on. She doesn’t think he’s a mean-spirited guy, but he’s thoughtless. He said hurtful things because he wasn’t thinking about her feelings.

juan pablo 2Andi is bound to be the next bachelorette. They ended on a note of basically saying “I think this process could work and I’ll continue to search for love”. I like Andi, but I think she’s a little dull. I don’t know if I’d be interested in seeing her star in the show. What do you guys think?

By the time Juan Pablo came out, he’d been pretty harshly critiqued by the women. I thought it was weird how much some of the women harped on the idea of “fair and unfair”. This isn’t recess, guys. Life isn’t fair. He saw the moms differently, he treated them more carefully, get over it.

The blooper real was funny – or should I say, it’s OK. Also, all the women I didn’t like were “Team Clare” and all the ones I enjoyed were “Team Nikki”. Anyway, I have a feeling about who will win, but I look forward to seeing Juan Pablo’s mom tell someone next week that he can be rude!


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2 Responses to The Bachelor – “The Women Tell All”

  1. KC says:

    First of all, I hope Andi is not the next bachelorette. I liked her until she went off about Juan Pablo. She really could have addressed all of her issues when they were in the fantasy suite, but waited until she was on camera.

    Also, I don’t think Juan Pablo is a bad guy. I think he was honest and that bothered some of the girls. And this episode made me see Sharleen in a new light! I actually liked her. I think the other girls were just jealous that he didn’t kiss them or sent them home early.

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