The blog will be on hiatus for a couple weeks because I’m traveling for work. (Because I have a real job, you know.) Goodbye weekly Nova Scotia blizzards (seriously, every Wednesday all winter), hello sunny California! Follow me on Instagram, you know, if you feel like it.

It’s a good time to take a break, since the Olympics are about to take over the airwaves (I’m not really feelin’ Sochi this year) and not all my shows are on right now anyway. I’ll miss The Bachelor for TWO Mondays in a row. Are y’all devastated? I know I’m not.

While I have you here, let’s talk about how charming those two episode of New Girl were this week. The post-Super Bowl “Prince” episode was pretty gimmicky, but I loved the stuff with Nick and Jess. And Tuesday night’s “Exes” was a really funny episode.

Parks and Rec isn’t on this week, but I’m still recovering from last week’s episode where we said goodbye to Chris and Ann. It was literally the perfect episode, and I’m keeping it on my DVR alongside The Mindy Project‘s last episode for a while.

The last thing I’ll mention is HIMYM. Two weeks ago, I thought the show delivered a very good episode. So good that it made me angry, because it showed what the series could have done with The Mother character long ago. Then this week, the reminded us of what they chose to do instead – dwell on Ted’s feelings for Robin when no one wants to hear about them, and setting episodes at an inn when NOTHING IS GOING ON. This season has been, as my sister put it, a slow painful march towards death. I can’t wait for this show to get the hell outta my life.


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  1. Jose says:

    Let me unofficially say welcome to California. Please enjoy your visit, and get as much of the sunshine as you like. There is more than enough to go around.

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