Happy Yanksgiving!

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. You know, when the leaves are still beautiful and on the trees, and you want pumpkin lattes instead of gingerbread. But hey – I’m not judging! Americans celebrating Thanksgiving in November just means that we get to celebrate a second time. OK, the gluttons among us get to celebrate a second time.

After all, Thanksgiving offers up some of the best special TV episodes ever. Which is why this Saturday, some friends and I will be celebrating “Yanksgiving”. We’ll eat, watch TV, ignore that weird Pilgrims/Native messiness that y’all have going on down there, and eat some more. Here’s the TV menu for the night:

yanksgivingSo Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Hope none of you get slapped.


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  2. Drew says:

    I just watched “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” the other day, and even though I’m not American (or Canadian) it almost makes me wish I did get a Thanksgiving! Though nothing goes past Slapsgivings, I’m looking forward to seeing the last of the slaps this season.
    I’m loving your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award – it’s a fun way for bloggers to connect and share the love!
    Read more here – http://breakfastinlimbo.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/the-liebster-award/ . I look forward to reading more on your blog and I hope you participate!

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