The Amazing Race – Final Five

This week on The Amazing Race, the remaining five teams left the UAE for Indonesia. Jason wondered if he’d see “like, Chinese people or, like, Indian people” there. Because those are the only two Asian ethnicities, I guess. Marie kicked things off with aggressively telling her partner how he’s made more mistakes than her. What a great group we have this season!

The challenges during this leg included a lot of animals – rams, birds and elephants, which made it pretty entertaining. I LOVE elephants, so of course that was my favorite.

The Roadblock was a musical challenge – one team member had to put together an instrument that would play an octave. This is where the doctors blew a big lead, because Nicole could not get it right. This is a great example of why teams should always play to their strengths. Travis knew he should do it, but they had a lead and thought it wouldn’t matter – so the weaker member did the non-physical task. Tim did the challenge instead of Marie because he’s musically inclined, even though it wasn’t what they’d normally do – and it worked out for them.

The Afghanimals came first, followed shortly by Tim and Marie. UGH. I wish they weren’t doing so well.

Amy nailed her Roadblock, and she helped Nicole before she took off. Usually I hate that – BUT, the ice girls keep getting helped along by the Afghanimals. If they made the top four, the Afghanimals could potentially assist them in getting to the final three over Jason and Amy. So I actually think helping the doctors to try and break up that tight alliance was a good thing.

Jason and Amy arrived third, and Travis and Nicole were right behind them in fourth place. The ice girls hadn’t even started the Roadblock yet. They came in last and were eliminated.

I’m glad to see Ally and Ashley go, because I thought they had a lot of help in even making the final five. I would have hated to see them make the final leg just because some boys think they’re pretty.

I’m rooting for Jason and Amy to win now. What about you guys?


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  1. Wayne says:

    Yep, I’m rooting for Jason and Amy to win too. They have been strong and steady the entire race, plus they haven’t melted down like the other teams. They both seem very level-headed and they don’t bicker or blame each other. After seeing this episode I lost a bit of respect for the doctors. In her desperation at the Roadblock Nicole did seem quite hypocritical when she tried to get Leo to show her how he put his instrument together, and I thought Travis was a jerk when he just didn’t want to let it go. He kept making comments when it wasn’t necessary; Nicole felt bad enough as it was. And I have not been a fan of Tim & Marie or Leo & Jamal since the Race started.

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