Survivor – So, who’s Little Red Riding Hood?

tyson3 - CopyThis week on Survivor, Tyson likened himself to “the Big Bad Wolf”. It’s not a bad comparison, considering he’s played puppet-master for most of this game. He’s made and betrayed alliances and engineered most of the big ousters of the season. So if Tyson’s the Big Bad Wolf, what’s everyone else?

Well, I think Laura M. is the grandmother and Ciera is Little Red Riding Hood. This week was all about their mother and daughter relationship, and whether Ciera was willing to send Mama packing in order to get further in the game. Whether she could stomach it or not though, the Big Bad Wolf was ready to take a bite out of grandma.

Ciera and Laura were the only loved ones pair left in the game, so obviously a lot of the other players wanted them out. It’s interesting, looking at the final eight, to note how epically some people have screwed up. How did everyone else let that core alliance of four dudes get so strong? Why couldn’t the ladies have banded together last week to take one of them out? Now Tina is gone and it will be much more difficult – but not impossible.

The previews at the end of the show tonight suggested that Caleb will make a move against Tyson. I mean, c’mon guys – it was only a matter of time before someone tried to topple the kingpin, right? Like I said, I can’t believe it took this long. But can Caleb do it? I don’t know, but I have the distinct feeling that the Big Bad Wolf ain’t gonna make it to the final three.

Now, onto the show.


tina 2I wanted Vytas to survive on Redemption Island this week because my husband has him in the office pool. It’s pretty awkward to root against someone when you sit next to them on the couch. But emotionally, I was rooting for Tina. She’s just a cool older lady up against two yoga-lovin’ bros.

vytas 2The challenge was to retrieve some bags with grappling hooks, and then use a ball inside one of the bags to complete a table maze. My girl Tina KILLED IT with the hooks and was nailing the puzzle when, at the last minute, she lost it and her ball dropped to the ground. Ouch – I felt for her on that one, she was so close! Vytas took the araslead and was first to win. But Aras, for all his strengths, sucked at table mazes and Tina managed to snag second place. Everyone wins! Well, everyone except Aras. He became the first member of the jury.

Ah well Aras, you already won a million bucks anyway.

Mama Bear and Baby Bear

tyson and ciera(Am I on to a Goldilocks analogy now? Because Tyson is obviously Goldilocks.) Back at camp, Tyson told the guys that they’d all vote Laura to break up the last pair – but that they wouldn’t tell Ciera so that she wouldn’t have to vote for her mom. It was interesting that Tyson later decided to tell Ciera the plan – I assume he figured she’d be laura and ciera 2less pissed if she knew in advance.

This episode had one too many heartfelt conversations for my taste. First it was the mushy brotherly crap with Aras and Vytas. Then Laura cried over how Ciera is a big girl now because she wants to vote Mommy out of Survivor. Uggghh, suck it up, princesses.

At Redemption Island, Vytas had given the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Katie. And for once, it didn’t get tossed in the fire. Katie wisely accepted the clue and tried to find the Idol – even with Laura tailing her in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, we all know that Tyson still has the Idol so Katie’s efforts were in vain.

I’m at the end of my rope!

immunityFor the combined Immunity and Reward (I miss when these were separate challenges…), players had to hold onto ropes as they were lowered towards the water at an angle. This challenge tends to favor slimmer players, but ones with upper body strength. So not big dudes like Hayden, Caleb and Gervase – they all fell quickly. But also not players like Ciera and Katie. Yes, I easily predicted that Tyson, Laura and Monica would do well in this challenge.

Monica won! That’s my girl. Not only was I happy to be safe in the office pool for another week, but I was impressed to see Monica take home another individual immunity win. You know, “you go, girl!” and all that.

Monica’s reward was a feast of hotdogs, cheeseburgers and fries. Probst told her to pick a friend, and odds are she would also have been told to choose a second friend. But instead, Monica said she wanted to give up her reward to give it to all seven other players.

I mean, y’know…that wasn’t really one of the options, Probst. In some ways Monica got let off the hook here, not having to play favorites. But on the other hand, gestures of good will like this can often place a target on your back. Political move or not, no good deed on Survivor goes unpunished. It will be interesting to see if down the road, Monica is viewed as a threat for pandering to the jury. (Though I doubt anyone has ever based their million-dollar vote on “I owe you for that hotdog”.)

Separation Anxiety

Back at camp, Ciera started to panic – Monica having immunity and Katie possibly having an Idol meant her mama was about to hit the road. So she came up with a plan to suggest voting Katie out instead. Actually, this part of the plan wasn’t bad: Ciera told Katie that everyone was voting Laura. Katie said she’d play the Idol anyway, just in case. Ciera said you’re lying, you can’t have the Idol because I have the Idol. And Katie believed her, just like that. Easy as pie.

The problem was, Tyson didn’t care – he wanted Laura out. There was a bit of last minute scrambling (Caleb, for one, wanted to oust Katie first) but in the end the vote was unanimous – everyone voted for Laura, even her daughter.

Ciera talked tough all along, but when the chips were down she did attempt to save her mom. Will that hurt her game in the long run? I thought it made her look a little untrustworthy.

Not a bad episode, right guys? I’m glad that weak “alliance of seven” has fallen apart, because it was always really an alliance of four with a few hangers-on. I mean, come on – an alliance of seven in a tribe of eight is just a betrayal waiting to happen. I hope someone makes a big move next week, because seven players left in the game is usually a good time to do it.


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5 Responses to Survivor – So, who’s Little Red Riding Hood?

  1. Scott says:

    Really? I actually got a bit teary during Laura’s confessional. I’ve been a big Laura fan since Samoa though & I’ve been rooting for her since the start so it was hard to watch, especially because it was obvious 30 seconds into the episode who was going home…or rather to redemption.

    I was shocked at how well Tina did, and Monica did really well too. Ciera shocked me this episode, I knew she was intelligent but she surprised me yet again. I’m very impressed with her gameplay so far and could see her winning this season. I can’t wait for next week either, 7 is always a great number (although you’re right, the ladies should’ve made their move at 9).

    I also thought that Laura brought up some great points at tribal, shame it’s usually too late by then. I’m desperately hoping that she makes it back again.

  2. Davide Maistrello says:

    I’d actually enjoyed this episode way more if CBS hadn’t spoiled it completely in last week’s previews. I miss the times where they would only give you the slightest tease (currently watching Australian Outback and wondering what would show of Skupin’s injury in the preview if it happened nowadays).

    For me, it wasn’t really a surprise to see one of the Baskauskas brothers leave at the RI duel. These are usually not strength challenges, and require more concentration, calm and experience than sheer physical power. For that reason alone, I’m guessing that Tina will survive a lot of duels.

    This week obviously the episode’s main character was Ciera. I’ve come to like the girl, and I would have done totally the same to my mother if I’d been in the same situation, so I’m glad she had the guts to further himself in a game where she doesn’t seem she’s done too much until now. I kind of wish they had shown her more since the beginning (also, her comment “my mum returning in the game would actually hurt my chances” before the RI duel with Laura B. and John Cody was TOTAL foreshadowing of this week’s episode). As for the outsiders ousting Tyson next week…I don’t believe it. Hayden and Caleb come across to me as a little spineless, I don’t know if they would be able to pull out such a move. Plus Tyson has still his Idol.

    • Scott says:

      Really? If I were in Ciera’s position I would try to get with Katie + Monica, or Katie + Caleb + Hayden and keep my mum around as long as possible. That’s 1/6 other tribe members guarenteed to not vote for you, which is huge so late in the game. Then cut her lose at 4 for the jury votes/persuasion time.

      • Davide Maistrello says:

        “Guaranteed not to vote for you”…as it was guaranteed that Ciera would not vote for her mother. 🙂 Plus Laura M. would have become a target sooner than later due to her physical/strategic prowess.

      • Scott says:

        Obviously it didn’t work both ways (although Ciera didn’t campaign against her mother, she just didn’t want to stand out), but if the situation was reversed I have no doubt that Laura would’ve voted for someone else just to not put her daughter’s name down.

        & oh yeah of course, Laura M has been a target since the start, all I’m saying is that she was a great buffer for Ciera (if she made another alliance and they decided to target the pair Laura would be sent home first every time), and it would’ve given her a great numbers advantage. I’m just curious as to why she thought it was better to stick with Tyson etc. rather than try and make a move whilst she had such a loyal person left in the the game with her.

        I just think she had a few good options and she made the riskier choice, and not the one I would’ve made!

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