The Voice – Tuesday Night Live Rounds

And we’re back! Blake’s team was pretty weak last night, so I was excited to hear what Cee Lo and Christina’s teams would do. Let’s see!

Team Cee Lo

Amber singing “Wasting All These Tears”
I love Amber, but I wasn’t so sure about this song choice. I thought she kind of blew that last note at the end, but I could barely blame her. The song just  wasn’t her jam at all. What was Cee Lo thinking?

Jonny singing “Bittersweet Symphony”
I can’t believe Cee Lo chose this kid over Cole. From the first couple notes, I thought “karaoke”. By the end, I’d go so far as to say it was a bad performance.

Tamara singing “I Will Survive”
Seriously? Talk about karaoke. Sure, I love this song, but you know… it’s a karaoke staple and Cee Lo didn’t even modern it up for Tamara. It was so cabaret. Tamara is a fantastic singer and did a great job, it was just a cheesy performance.

Kat singing “She Keeps Me Warm”
I like Kat, and I thought I would like this performance. But I found it boring, which I actually feel bad about. Kat was very passionate, but I didn’t really feel it.

Caroline singing “We’re Going To Be Friend”
Sweet Caroline. She’s so adorable! I just loved this so much. It felt like her own song. I want to buy Caroline’s album, and listen to it all day long at work.

Carson said that only three people from the team will move on. I want to see more of Caroline, Tamara and Kat.

Team Christina

Josh singing “Crazy”
Hmm. This was fine, but it wasn’t memorable. Some performances really draw me in, but I found myself browsing Pinterest for dinner recipes.

Olivia singing “Roar”
I was excited to see Olivia do a pop song this week instead of a country jam. I thought Olivia did well, and I think she’s probably the best country artist in the competition. But on Team Christina, the competition is pretty tough.

Stephanie singing “Georgia On My Mind”
I have been a big fan of Stephanie all along, but I think this was maybe her best yet. I thought it was one of the highlights of the night – just a skilled, passionate, beautiful performance.

Matthew singing “Wrecking Ball”
Interesting! I really liked this song for Matthew, because it’s a powerhouse song but would sound very different sung by a male. Matthew was pretty intense the whole way through, but I liked it. I thought it was a great performance. That could easily have been Matthew’s song, and I can totally see him having a career in pop music.

Jacquie singing “I Put a Spell On You”
I was surprised that Jacquie was closing out the show instead of Matthew or Stephanie. I shouldn’t have been surprised, this kid is a powerhouse. She’s just a little thing, but she has a sultry, strong, old-school voice. I love it. That last note? Hooooooly crap.

Obviously, Christina’s best three are Jacquie, Matthew and Stephanie. In fact, I’m having a hard time deciding now whether Christina or Adam has the stronger team. (Blake and Cee Lo? Move aside, you’re not even in this.)

Quite a night of performances, right guys?


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  1. Alex says:

    Jacquie’s performance that night was THE best performance on The Voice yet. Seriously. It was like watching a star exiting her cocoon right in front of us. Unreal.

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