Survivor – What’s best in the long term?

redemption islandThis week’s episode of Survivor was a little slow, but it has set us up for a  very interesting second half of the season. Promotions for this episode set it up as “an ultimatum is issued at Redemption Island”, but I don’t think that really happened, did it? Let’s get to it – click through if you’ve seen the episode.

Fire Puzzles and Tears

When Kat arrived at Redemption Island with John and Laura M., her summary of what happened was rather different than what we saw transpire last week. It’s amazing how people can delude themselves – Kat never really admitted that she targeted Monica. That’s what got her voted out, plain and simple. The next morning she was a puddle of tears, sobbing over whether her boyfriend would still like her now that she’d been eliminated.


Kat can be such a child.

Kat was crying whenpuzzle she got to the Truel, and she immediately said that she’d like to switch – especially because the challenge was a puzzle “and I can’t even spell.” I mean, no arguments there. Buy Hayden asked her what would be best for them in the long term. Obviously, they both know that Hayden has a much better chance of winning the game than Kat. But I think it was the mere mention of “long term” that convinced Kat to perform in the challenge. She’s more concerned with the longevity of her relationship than with the game.

The puzzle was difficult, but John slayed it. Kat actually didn’t perform too poorly, and Laura M. was weaker than I expected. In the end though, she came second and Kat was sent home.

Tie Your Brother Down

haydenBack at camp, Hayden made a smooth transition from “I feel bad that I didn’t help Kat when I could have” to “Gee, with Kat out of the game my odds of winning have increased tremendously!” He couldn’t hide the glee. There’s a true player.

Kat’s elimination meant that Aras is now the only person on his tribe with a loved one left in the game. (Ciera’s mom, Laura, is still on Redemption Island, but she barely counts as a tribe member. They discuss strategy in front of her as though she doesn’t exist.) Aras is mistakenly viewing that as an advantage, telling his pals that Vytas will definitely side with them come the merge. But he was too busy off meditating to realize that the lone wolves tyson2had teamed up against them. No literally – Aras was meditating on a mountaintop while Tyson was letting everyone know that the Baskauskas brothers are the targets.

Over at the other camp, Vytas had all the women in the tribe wrapped around his little finger. Telling stories about lending money to strangers got that guy WAY too far, these ladies need to toughen up. Tina has high hopes of Vytas marrying Katie (looks unlikely…) and I think Laura B. would pack up and leave Rupert if asked (the most unlikely.)


The challenge was a pretty cool obstacle course, with all the tribemates navigating it at the same time, while chained together. But it was too short, and the tribes finished at virtually the same time. One player had to assemble bolos, and then get them hooked onto a ladder – bo-ring. Tyson and Tina faced off, with Tyson coming out on top.

Obviously, Vytas was a target. But then the tribe got back to camp, Laura B. made an executive decision to tell Vytas that a blindside wouldn’t be fair, and the women had already agreed that he would be voted out. Bad. Move. Why would she EVER think that was something she should say before discussing it with her alliance? It immediately put everyone else on edge.

However, even with Laura B.’s unwise and unpredictable move, Vytas was still the bigger threat. As Hayden said, “What’s better in the long term?” A merge is obviously coming up, and I thought the smarter move was still to eliminate Vytas and just try and rein Laura B. in. Tina wasn’t sure, so she played both sides and told Vytas that Laura B. would be going home. Honestly, I felt he got a little too cocky about everything. Once Vytas said that women NEED an alpha-male to keep around, I was rooting for his demise.

Unfortunately, the women were wooed by Vytas’s smooth talk and shaken by Laura B.’s unrehearsed outburst. They voted to keep him and eject her. Bad move! Get ready to see the Brothers Baskauskas reunited, ladies.

Next week: Someone returns from Redemption Island, and the tribes merge! This week’s episode was slow, but I’m looking forward to the drama that awaits. The final Truel will be an endurance challenge, and I’m surprised to find myself rooting for Laura M. What about you guys?

It will be interesting to see what happens with the merge. I expect everyone to try and break up Aras and Vytas, which is why I’m surprised that Tina allowed Vytas to stick around this week. But she better watch her back, considering she also has a loved one left in the game.


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6 Responses to Survivor – What’s best in the long term?

  1. Aaron Sirois says:

    Laura clearly took lessons from Rupert on how to play the game, which is like asking James about when to use an immunity idol. Sheesh. Kat is an utterly worthless player. Begging to switch, crying about her relationship, and then talking up Hayden to the point where he is sure to be a target later on.

    Oh, and I know Katie is useless and all, but you know she’s still in the game right? That leaves three couples in the game. Lol.

    Vytas is an interesting player. He went from covert mastermind to playing a Chris Daugherty game in a heartbeat. He’s probably the most remarkably adaptable player I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see what he does post-merge.

    Also, both returning winners are making the merge? Did not see that coming at all.

    It’s really kind of shocking to me that the returning players are doing so well this season. Sure, they usually do well in a fans vs favorites scenario, but these returning players seemed doomed to fail. I mean, the voted out Candace off the bat, despite the fact that she’s a challenge powerhouse. They got saddled with Laura, who’s even worse than their husband. They were far older across the board. And many of the retuning players didn’t do so hot the first time around. Tina won Australia, sure. But she was taken out first in All-Stars and the game is completely different now. Gervase is from season one and was one of the people who coined “well if it happens ONE MORE TIME, THEN I’LL BE SURE THERE’S AN ALLIANCE”. Not the brightest. Monica and Laura M are two people who seem fairly strong, but got steamrolled by more aggressive players (which happened to Laura again this year). Tyson, though physically gifted, wasn’t even the brains of the operation when it was him and Coach, so that should tell you enough. Not to mention how he got sweet talked into voting himself out. And then Kat. I think the only reason they brought her back was for her boyfriend. Aras is cool though. So, like one for ten? They really should have tanked.

    • Scott says:

      Ahh your first sentence made my life.

      I expected Tina to make it far at least. The only reason she was voted out first in All Stars was because the others said straight away ‘they’ve won a million, they don’t need another.’ Since then though it hasn’t been a problem, and Tina seems very savvy.

      But apart from that I totally agree with your assessment. They’ve done well considering how the tribes matched up at the start.

  2. Alex says:

    Yes, I’m so glad the brothers will be reunited next week and a merge will happen! After someone reenters the game, we’ll have 11 people still playing so hopefully everyone will make the jury. I’m actually rooting for John to re-enter the game, although I wouldn’t mind Laura M. winning her way back either – I reckon that’d take a bit of pressure off Aras and Vytas.

  3. Jerome says:

    I just feel Kat and Laura B. gave a million dollars to Vytas. Since Aras has a bigger target, Vytas has the opportunity to make it much further and who knows, he could be the winner. He seems to be getting a good edit too.

  4. Mum says:

    Totally agree that keeping Vytas was a HUGE mistake ! Laura B could be gotten rid of any ole time but now Vytas has a big chance at winning individual immunity and re-aligning with all the powerhouse men still left in the game post merge. These women are being played like violins and they better wise up soon or it will be an all guy final. Would love to see how they all feel watching the Vytas confessionals. Cripes! Tina is ready to give him her first born and Laura B — well that’s just embarrassing. I guess she didn’t encounter many “playas” on the farm!
    Now, let’s discuss Kat. What a sorry example of a 21st century young woman. So overwrought about whether her boyfriend would still like her/ want her. Grow the hell up! This is for a million dollars babe. So junior high.

  5. Scott says:

    Whilst it was risky to keep Vytas around, I think Tina made the right decision for herself because having a stronger couple in the game removes the attention she and Katie would’ve received post merge.

    I’m really really hoping that Laura M wins her way back in. Surprisingly my second choice would be Laura B. Neither John nor Laura B seem to have any idea about how to play the game, and neither of them have a chance at winning. I just think it would be funnier to watch Laura B awkwardly make bad decisions after the merge.

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