Parenthood – “Let’s Be Mad Together”

Parenthood-Season-5-Promotional-Poster_FULLI wish Parenthood was on a little earlier. It airs at 11pm on Thursdays where I live, which means I always sleepily stay up to watch (because it’s Parenthood, I HAVE TO) and then never find time to blog about it on the weekend.

This week’s episode was good, even though so many of the characters annoyed me. Adam, in particular, has never exactly been the kind of guy I think I’d get along with. Here he was at his Adamiest, just going ahead and turning The Luncheonette into a record label without Crosby’s consent. It’s a huge change that you’d think Adam wouldn’t have made without careful research and consideration and, oh, maybe also not while his wife is spending boatloads of money running for office. I don’t like the storyline here very much, but I like the tension it’s causing between Adam and Crosby as brothers/business partners.

I was glad we took a break from the mayoral campaign this week to get back to something the show always does well, a Max and Kristina story. This time, Max had taken photos of a girl at school who was crying and didn’t understand why that was wrong. I think the show did a good job of showing all sides to the situation. The school chose to move Max from yearbook photographer to layout, because he wasn’t doing a good job – messing up basketball games and making kids uncomfortable. It wasn’t fair to the others to accommodate him. But Max was hurt and so was Kristina, and even though I agreed with the school I felt and understood their anger.

I also really like the Zeke and Camille storyline, and how it’s tying into Victor’s literacy struggles. Julia has an excuse to be around to hear Camille out, and Zeke’s old car now serves a greater purpose than creating a mess in the driveway. I think Zeke and Camille’s issue is a good, complicated one and I hope we see it carry out throughout the season.

In that vein, I wish so much that the tension between Julia and Joel right now was only based in their changed domestic roles. I think there is interesting, good material in Julia feeling unfulfilled as a stay-at-home mom, and shut out of Joel’s business dealings. I don’t like the idea of “Pete” as a romantic threat to the marriage – I like her only as a shark in the business world, one that Julia recognizes but Joel could get eaten by.

Finally, I do like the stuff with Sarah, Amber and Ryan. Sarah’s concerns about Amber and Ryan’s marriage aren’t crazy, and I wonder if any of Ryan’s past problems will rear their head again before the wedding.

As an aside: Ryan’s family is dysfunctional. Kristina isn’t close to her mom. Joel’s parents, I think, are dead. Does admission to the Braverman family require not having one family of your own? Only Jasmine’s mom is around, and she’s seen as overbearing and intrusive.

What did you guys think of the show this week?


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2 Responses to Parenthood – “Let’s Be Mad Together”

  1. Dana says:

    So, I must say that while I still look forward to Parenthood every week this season so far has not been great. I’ve said it before but the mayoral campaign is stupid and every week it seems there is a chance for Kristina to pull the plug on the whole thing but she doesn’t, so I eyeroll again and just wait for it to be over. Wait until you see this week’s episode, it gets even worse.

    The other storyline I hate. Julia and Joel. Yes there is a way to show marriages going through a rough patch and ways to make the thought of infidelity interesting. But this is not it. I feel like every week it is a trade off between Julia and Joel and who is tempted. It’s ridiculous. They need to find a way out of the storyline or give it a few interesting layers, pronto.

    The story that is really working for me this season is Zeek and Camille. I love how they are showing that the two are clearly in very different places in their lives and that there is no good answer. I am intrigued and just about the only time I am not praying for Jason Katim’s to make different creative choices in the show is when this storyline gets air time.

    I also like the Sarah and Amber arc this season. Amber’s decision to get married is bringing up a lot of conflict in Sarah and the two are just golden together on screen. This week’s episode with that was particularly good. They can just cry and it will be wonderful.

    This season Parenthood is doing 22 episodes, which is a much longer arc than they have been doing in the past. Every season I’ve always been disappointed that there isn’t more, but this season when there is more, it doesn’t feel as good. I hope things turn around.

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