The Amazing Race – Season 23 Premiere

Is everyone ready for another season of The Amazing Race? This is a show that I think has really lagged for the past several seasons. I didn’t even bother to check out the teams in advance this year, in fact I almost forgot the show would be on.

tar23I immediately hated two guys who called themselves the “Afghan-imals”, and two women who listed “baseball wives” as their careers. That is an insult to everyone with a real job, like ER doctors and social media managers!

The teams departed from the Western USA in the year 1800… oh wait, no. They were somewhere in L.A. and raced to the airport to book flights to Iquique, Chile.

Roadblock: Follow the Leader

In the first Roadblock, one team member had to paraglide while the other would follow from the ground. Fun! I would paraglide. I was glad to see the season kick off with a fun challenge.

One of the married ER doctors knew Spanish, which was a big advantage. She was able to communicate with her cab driver to explain that they were following her paragliding husband.

Roadblock: Collect Five Fish

In the second roadblock, one team member had to row a boat in search of the right ones to collect fish. Travis, the ER doctor, finished really quickly. It looked gross.

It felt like this episode moved too quickly. I wonder why the producers chose to do two Roadblocks instead of a Roadblock and Detour? The first team checked in when the show was only halfway through. The ER doctors arrived first, but they hadn’t followed clue instructions and didn’t go on foot. They had to wait out a thirty minute penalty.

The annoying exes arrived before the penalty was up, so they got first place and the two Express Passes. The docs were checked in in second place. The Bingo Queens came in third, the football players fourth, and the baseball wives fifth. The hockey girls were sixth, the “Afghan-imals” seventh, and the dating couple in eighth. The bearded guys and the Oklahoma boys were already rowing when the father/daughter team showed up, and I felt bad that the sixty year-old dad would have to row.

Except…they read the clue wrong and the daughter thought she had to row. Amateurs! Three teams did a crap job of reading clues during this leg. Get it together, people!

The Oklahoma boys came ninth, and the bearded dudes in tenth.

It was dark by the time the dad was finishing the Roadblock. They were eliminated from the race. It’s too bad to see a father/daughter team go because that can be an interesting dynamic, but we didn’t see much from this team to know whether they would have been fun to watch.


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5 Responses to The Amazing Race – Season 23 Premiere

  1. Kelly says:

    The Wild West intro was cheesy, but I”m a true fan so I let it slide. Also I’m not all that excited about the casting this season. It just seems like there are too many gimmicky teams. Oh, well.

    I think the reason they did two roadblocks is to increase the difficulty, the chance of teams becoming confused. In the paragliding roadblock, the team member who “did” the roadblock was the one in the car, not the paraglider. But the paraglider felt like he was the one doing it, obviously. Then in the fish roadblock, the *other* person had to do it. Two teams fell for it. I think it was a clever twist.

    I loved that the ER doctor lady knew Spanish so well. And who knew that the Afghani guys would also speak such good Spanish! Very cool surprise! I noticed at one point someone (a girl) even said, while saying goodbye to the cab driver, “chao chao” which is what they often say in Chile. Cool that they picked up on that so quickly! (To be accurate, they most often say “chao” and sometimes say “chao chao”).

    Like you, I find the exes very annoying. And unlikable and I want them gone. Alas, they came in first place. I am really liking the ER docs (competent regular folks), the Afghan guys (interesting, entertaining), the Oklahoma guys (regular guys), and the NFL players (cool relationship, fun guys).

    It looks like next week The Amazing Race goes trashy with all of the women in bikinis. Grrrrr.

  2. Mum says:

    I am really disappointed that The Race has stooped to stunt casting for the most part now. Sports team players, sports team players spouses, cheerleader type women with lots of T and A. Frankly it’s getting annoying watching people who, for the most part, don’t need the money and are there trying to further a career in the entertainment industry. Note to Survivor and The Race: PICK SOME REGULAR PEOPLE! These shows were far more entertaining when they chose strangers of all ages, backgrounds and body types to compete for something they all needed. It gave you the sense that maybe you could picture yourself competing instead of watching a bunch of jocks and bimbos trying to hook-up while some pesky reality show is getting in the way.

  3. says:

    You know, TAR Canada spoiled me. Because the game felt fresh again, the challenges were exciting and I liked most of the teams.

    But it’s hard not to watch a new TAR, so here goes.

    I really liked the Afghan-imals. They were fun, funny, silly and good sports. They added a nice energy too. I just wish they were a little better! Lol

    Why didn’t you like them Jill? Because of their nickname? Or did they come off as a little juvenile to you?

    The Docs and the Exes seem like the teams to beat, the docs are just a little boring, really, and the exes are definitely annoying.

    I like the bearded men, they seem fun. The father/daughter thing was a little disappointing, they could have been an interesting team.

    So far, am a little underwhelmed. It just doesn’t seem AMAZING or challenging enough, you know?

    But lets see what happens. Could get better

    • Jill says:

      I didn’t like the nickname, and their general sort of goofy, bro behavior seemed like something that would get on my nerves eventually. I could come around though, it’s early yet.

      I agree, the Exes are definitely annoying. I hope they mess up and get eliminated.

  4. Davide Maistrello says:

    Another season of TAR has begun! I couldn’t manage to really get myself behind the last one due to the lame casting (Chuck and Wynona will haunt my dreams for years to come) and not so great challenges. But after this premiere I really like this selection of players. I agree on what has been said about the NFL players being not deserving to win, but apparently they were third-strings or so on their team and weren’t superstars of the caliber of, say, Jeff Kent. Most annoying players are, in my opinion, the Exes Tim and Marie (who are nicely shaping up into the season’s resident villains) and the Baseball Wives. I like the Afghan cousins, the doctors and the Oklahoma guys. However, I could really do without all the mistakes during the reading of clues, even if the Roadblock swap thing could have fooled anyone.

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