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Dexter and Deb

It’s a shame that I watch Dexter immediately after Breaking Bad, as both shows head into their final days. In seasons one through four, Dexter was filled with suspense. It was never the best show on TV, but it was damn enjoyable. I’d hoped the final season would bring back some of the excitement the show had lost, but I’ve been left in disappointment. This season, particularly in such stark contrast to the genius of Breaking Bad, has been simply something to sit through.

I am mildly invested in whether Dexter, Hannah and Harrison escape to Argentina, but I don’t really care about their happy ending as a family. If the writers wanted us to care more, they should have kept Hannah around and allowed us to develop affection for her character. Or, they should have made Dexter the one attempting to escape the law.

I’ve been most invested in the future of Deb, because I feel that her relationship with Dexter (I’ve blocked out THAT from my memory, though) defines the series. Something must happen to Deb, whether she ends up dead or taking the heat for Dexter’s crimes.

My biggest issue with these final episodes is that Saxon isn’t a compelling enough villain. He was introduced to us too late in the game. Remember what an opponent Trinity was? This kid doesn’t have a fraction of that menace.

Dexter’s decision not to murder Saxon, but to leave him for the justice system, would have been interesting had it not been so stupid. The guy knew WAY too much to be allowed to talk to police. So what if Dexter was leaving forever? Saxon knew enough, and Deb has enough blood on her hands as well, to cause a lot of trouble. It was truly moronic, and totally out of character for Dexter Morgan.

I hate the idea that Dexter’s love for Hannah could be curing him of his psychopathy. It’s letting him off the hook too easily. He was introduced to us as a serial killer, as a monster with a dark passenger, and that’s how he should depart. Dexter’s vigilante code has made him an interesting anti-hero, but I don’t buy the idea that he could just be reformed.

I will, of course, be watching the series finale next week. After eight years, of course I want to know how the story ends. But I’ll probably still be thinking about the episode of Breaking Bad that I watched while it’s on.


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  1. Totally agree on all counts. I am really only still watching bc I have watched every episode and I’m anxious to see it through, see how it ends, but frankly I’m bored. It really is a shame bc the show was SO good the first few seasons. The suspense and “cat and mouse” stuff that made the show compelling is now gone and it’s become quite hokey. I will say that I have been really impressed with Jennifer Carpenter’s acting the past few seasons – I feel like she has basically been carrying the entire show for 2 years. Too bad bc I’m a fan of Michael C. Hall. Seems like everyone’s kind of “clocked out”, you know? And SO many random, unrelated storylines that never went anywhere!! Like Masuka’s daughter? Quinn and Jamie’s relationship? Pointless. Le sigh.

    • Jill says:

      Same here – in fact, if the show hadn’t announced it’s end date a couple years in advance I probably wouldn’t still be watching. It was knowing that there were only two seasons left that kept me hanging on.

      I totally agree with you, Jennifer Carpenter has been holding it together. Even when the writing is bad (her Dexter love affair) she is good, and overall I find her story the most captivating.

      SO MANY pointless storylines. Were they supposed to be red herrings? I don’t get it.

  2. Jose says:

    The final season has been a bit of a disappointment. Early in the season, I was expecting this big web tightening in Dexter and Deb over the LaGuerta murder and Dexter being a serial killer. That hasn’t really materialized, has it? As it stands, Dexter doesn’t seem to be at any risk of getting caught. No walls are really closing in. There is an ineffective big bad, who Dexter already outmaneuvered once and is only alive because Dexter decided not to kill him. Other than that, he has to outsmart a US Marshal long enough to get on a plane. One quick thought about him. Does it seem like the Marshal’s motivations are a plot device? It doesn’t seem believable that he would have pursued Hannah as aggressively as he did based amount of evidence he started with. I am a little worried that they might kill Deb in an attempt to be edgy, but other than that, the end has fallen flat. Still hoping they can salvage the final episode next week.

    • Jill says:

      No, instead they went the “everything is hunky-dory” route with Deb and Dexter, which was certainly a less exciting choice.

      Personally, I hope they kill Deb. Right now, I feel like they’re too easily letting Dexter off the hook. The idea that he could just stop killing, run off to Argentina and have a beautiful little family, that undermines what was established about him from the get-go. He’s an anti-hero, but he’s still a psychopath. If there aren’t consequences at the end of all this, I’ll feel unsatisfied. Deb’s death would be the most tragic consequence, because we know how deep that relationship goes.

      • Jose says:

        I completely agree with all of your premisses, but still don’t want her to die. Deb has been my favorite character, practically since day 1 so I wouldn’t want to see her go out that way.

    • Bud says:

      Talk about Hokey – how does a US Marshall not recognize Saxon after the APB went out? Was he in his hotel room, too obsessed with Dexter and Hannah to know what’s going on?

  3. Bud says:

    I’m with all of you. I hung in there with this season too. I’ve also seen every episode, and to add insult to injury, I have to be away and I’ll miss the very last one! Talk about not getting closure …

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