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Episode 809Dexter is rapidly coming to a close, but I wish I could say I were enjoying it more. I’ve had some minor complaints throughout the season, but I actually think overall the final season started off stronger than it started.

Without getting into spoiler territory before the break, I think she show has become too splintered and unfocused at the worst possible time. Too many characters are around, and there are too many things happening that are only vaguely connected. I wish this season had just focused more on Dexter and Deborah’s relationship, without bringing so many outside factors into the cold.

Now, if you’ve seen “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, click through.

Dexter’s plan is to run away with Hannah and Harrison to live out their twisted days in Argentina. Will the show give him a happy ending? I don’t think so – I think it would feel a bit unsatisfying, for Dexter to just peace out after all that’s happened. I think the end of this story has to be about Deb and Dexter. If it’s “Dexter and Hannah live happily ever after”, well, I think that’s weak.

I don’t think the chemistry between Dexter and Hannah is strong enough to sell this storyline. We haven’t spent enough time with Hannah as Dexter’s girlfriend to really want them to succeed as a couple. I feel pretty indifferent about her.

Overall, I think there has been too much going on this season. We have Jamie and Quinn, and then Quinn’s relationship with Deb, and her relationship with her boss. Then Jamie’s BFF gets killed, conveniently, but Vogel’s son? With three episodes left in the season, we are finding out that Vogel has a psychopathic son.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t care about Vogel’s son. For so long, it seemed like Vogel was the brain surgeon. And yes, that would have been too easy. But a long lost serial killer son that she’s welcoming back with open arms? Please.

Speaking of sons, are we being prepped to believe that Harrison will be a serial killer? When Dexter was plotting to kill Vogel’s son, twice he was asked to think of Harrison. I thought there had to be a reason that Harrison was aged for this season, turned into a kid that talks and finds bloodied stuffed animals and draws pictures of criminal mommies. I wonder what will happen here.

I’m still interested in Deb’s journey, and I hope that she is returning to the police force. Quinn has been digging into Callie’s murder, and now that Zach is missing he’ll become even more suspicious. This has to lead him, somehow, to Dexter. And Deb has to be his partner when it happens. It’s the only thing that could save the show for me, really. I’m just so over the rest of this nonsense.

Stray thoughts:

  • Why does Vince have a daughter? Yet another new character introduced for us to barely care about.
  • Batista just gave Deb her badge back, even though she hasn’t decided if she’ll return to the police force yet. WTF? HR nightmare.
  • Next week’s episode is called “Goodbye Miami”. Suuuuuuure.

OK, clearly I am suffering from Dexter fatigue and just want the show to end. What do you guys think? Are you happy with how the final season has been so far?



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5 Responses to Dexter – Sisters and Sons

  1. Dano says:

    I think this is the worst season yet. So frustrating. I used to tune the world out and watch Dexter once a week. Now I stare at my phone while Dexter is on in the background, hoping it will pull me in. No such luck.

    • polarbears16 says:

      Yeah, at least Season 6 (which was terrible) was fun to watch because of its absurdity. This season is just monotonous, lacking stakes, and a drag to watch. I wrote a review of this episode, if you want to check it out.

      • Bud says:

        Good Review PB16. I do feel there is a modicum of chemistry this season. It was severely lacking in seasons 5 and 6. I wonder now if that was a result of the lead actors’ (Hall & Carpenter) deteriorating relationship – stress on the set would affect everyone else, too. It’s very telling when the viewer (i.e. – me) is not caught up in the story and sees the actors instead of the characters. My assessment is that the final season is still better than 5 and 6 – and about equal to 7. The only question remaining for me is, do they leave the door open for a feature film?

  2. Bud says:

    I agree – there are too many extraneous subplots that go in circles and lead nowhere. One thing I am happy about – for a brief moment I thought Zach would be Dexter’s killer, à la “The Mechanic” – the student kills the teacher. Thanks to the writers for not going down this route. Regardless, after the finale, I am going to celebrate the good/great seasons, and outgrowing TV series in general. I raise my glass to the cast and crew. Thanks for the memories!

  3. Jose says:

    I’ve been relatively satisfied with this season because I have assumed that they will tie everything together by the end, and hadn’t considered that it could stay a mess through the end. Then I realized they are only 3 episodes from the end.

    I agree with you about Hannah. I actually really disliked her last season. She is starting to warm a bit, but it doesn’t seem like a great choice. I would have preferred that they brought Lumen back to fill that role, but I get that Hannah is fresher in the mind of the audience.

    The long lost son bit was weird. It didn’t really seem like the guy who broke the toes of his victims was the brain surgeon, but his real identity is a bit of a stretch. Good catch on Harrison as a killer. I hadn’t really noticed that, but you might be onto something.

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