The Amazing Race Canada – Parlez-vous Francais?

This week on The Amazing Race: Canada, the teams headed to Quebec City, Quebec, where everyone hoped to be the “champignons” (mushrooms). Any teams with French language skills would have a big advantage here. (For those Americans watching, most of the Canadian province of Quebec is French-speaking. Montreal, a major city in Quebec, is bilingual and it’s very easy to get around only knowing English.)

The teams started on even ground, since they had to spend the night in a fort before the first challenge. Everyone had to head to a ferry, and the language barrier began to present itself. I know very, very little French. I’d be useless here.

The meatheads and the sisters made the first ferry, while the brothers and the doctors juuuust missed it. That put them, and Tim Squared half an hour behind.

Sculpt It vs. Spot It

The Detour was a choice between creating an ice sculpture, or a convoluted task that involved searching for murals and remembering words. I would’ve gone for the ice sculpture.

Celina claimed that Vanessa has a photographic memory, so the sisters went for the memory challenge. The meatheads went for the ice instead, and when the sisters ran by saw that it looked pretty easy, they decided to switch. The dudes finished pretty quickly, and even had some fun banter with their judge, Michel.

Brett and Holly went for the memory task, and did really well because it involved French vocabulary. The brothers didn’t know many of the French words.

Oh Crepe!

Pretty much all the teams caught up to one another one at the Roadblock, where one teammate had to successfully cook and serve crepes. Tim Squared fell behind when they got lost in a cab. The results were pretty hilarious – ingredients oozing out all over the place.

Vanessa really sucked at the crepes, so it came down to the sisters and Tim Squared. Poor, dumb young Tim stupidly gave Vanessa the answer to what she needed to complete the challenges – that cerises are cherries. Dummy! Never help the competition, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal.

Lacrosse and Pit Stop

Both teammates had to complete a lacrosse challenge before they could move on to the pit stop. Jet and Dave killed it, and ended up coming in first place.

When the doctors came to this challenge, Holly immediately started to panic. Sports are not her thing. She did manage to get it, and they ended up being in a photo finish with the brothers. A tie for second place!

Vanessa and Celina finished the lacrosse just as Tim Squared arrived. It didn’t matter, though – it was a non-eliminated leg. Darn it! I wish Team Bodybreak had been saved last week instead.

Next week the teams are going to Nunavut. Brrrr!


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2 Responses to The Amazing Race Canada – Parlez-vous Francais?

  1. mum says:

    Wow, it’s getting close to the final legs and they haven’t made it east yet. Could it be that our good ole Nova Scotia is part of the finale! That would be interesting!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am really enjoying seeing Canada through the race. I’m glad they stayed home and didn’t travel the world.

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