Dexter – “Scar Tissue”

dexter-season-8-scar-tissueI have a few thoughts on last night’s pretty thrilling episode of Dexter, so click through if you’ve seen it.

This final season is all about Deb and Dexter, and in last night’s episode Deb finally hit rock bottom.

I still don’t know what to make of Dr. Vogel. She’s too obviously villainous, and it’s beginning to feel inevitable that she’ll be somehow connected to the Brain Surgeon. Still, I thought it was interesting to watch her interact with Deborah. She kept trying to persuade Deb that Deb had made the right decision in killing LaGuerta instead of Dexter. It’s just so far from what Deb’s own moral compass is telling her.

If Deb had gotten to a place where she no longer felt guilty about committing murder, I wouldn’t have bought it. Instead, the story turned in a more fascinating direction. Deb saw Harry’s last video interview with Vogel, right after Harry saw Dexter after he’d made his first kill. Deb realized that her dad had killed himself, and she knew she couldn’t live with the truth about Dexter either.

I liked how totally wrong Dexter was about Deb when he saw her in the parking lot. He thought she’d come around. He thinks their relationship is special, and that Vogel was wrong when she said Deb may never want Dexter back in her life. Deb wasn’t ready to forgive Dexter, or forgive herself. She was ready to end things for both of them.

Deb jerking the steering wheel and forcing her and Dexter to drive into a lake would have been a decent end to the series, I think. But we’re only a few episodes in, so Deb was rescued by a nearby fisherman and then, at the last moment, she jumped back in to save Dexter.

It was a tremendous end to the episode, and I can’t wait to find out where the season goes from here. Will Deb just accept her brother now that she gave up the chance to let him die? Will she try to kill herself again? How angry will Dexter be? I like that this big a twist has come so early in the season.

Stray thoughts:

  • Becky from Friday Night Lights is Vince’s daughter? That’s just wrong.
  • More Angel, Quinn and Jamie drama. I’ve yet to become interested.

What did you guys think?


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3 Responses to Dexter – “Scar Tissue”

  1. Bud says:

    Dexter’s love for Deb has shown that there is more to him than just being a textbook “classic psycho-killer”, even though Dr. Vogel is unwilling to see it. This will be her undoing, her tragic flaw. Unwilling to let go of her rigid educational background and see that reality is more than a university education. And yet, Dexter being fooled by Deb shows that there is still a “disconnect” in there somewhere – his mind is wired differently. His “unique-ness” might save him.

    Dr. Vogel definitely has an agenda. I’m waiting for this to unfold. I’m also looking forward to what characters they might bring back from prior series – bound to be a few cameos. I’m finding Vince more off-putting than Quinn these days.

  2. Jose says:

    It was an interesting episode, and I’m still not completely sure what to think. First off, I didn’t like the introduction of Vince’s daughter on the surface. It seems odd for them to introduce that storyline this far in, so it is probably safe to assume some sort of twist is coming there. If there is no twist, then it seems like a waste of narrative space.

    I still haven’t completely processed Deb’s attempted murder/suicide. I don’t think she is going to try it again. She had her chance to let Dexter die and didn’t take it. The real question is whether or not he will be able to trust her again. One of Dexter’s lines from the beginning of the series that has always stuck with me is “if I could have feelings for anyone, I would have them for her” or something close to that. I think Dexter would change a lot if he no longer wants that last (second to last?) connection to humanity.

    Oh, and I’m more convinced than ever that the Quinn/Batistas drama will lead Quinn to stumble on something he shouldn’t, after watching this episode.

  3. Dana says:

    OK, I’ve just caught up on Dexter due to an overly busy summer. I am liking the season so far, a pleasant surprise after delaying watching on account of figuring it would be boring. I think the direction they are taking Deb is awesome and Jennifer Carpenter is nailing it each show. I am also bored by Quinn and the Batista’s but think that Quinn will actually be the one to figure things out. Vogel creeps me out so far.

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