The Amazing Race “Canada” Premiere

teamsI’ve got a bone to pick with The Amazing Race: Canada. NO teams from Atlantic Canada? No Halifax hipsters or kitchen partying Newfs? What gives? There are several teams from Ontario, but they couldn’t find anyone to represent my part of the country? Booooo! I will watch anyway, but I’m going on record as officially annoyed.

bodybreakAt first glance, I most liked the granola hippies and Hal Johnson and Joanne MacLeod. The latter team are Canadian icons, especially for anyone my age. I am thrilled that they’re on this season.

* I have a feeling some of y’all will ask, so I’ll answer this now: No, I didn’t apply. I know. I live for this stuff. But the show was too vague about when the race would film, how long it would take, and what the prize money was. I have a day job I love and a wedding to plan. Maybe next time!

OK, so the race began in Niagara and teams quickly competed for flights to Kelowna, BC. The clues were inside terrariums with creepy-crawly creatures, and the creepier the creature the better the flight. That was a cool idea, but most teams just grabbed the first clue they saw. I mean, wouldn’t you? The terrariums had two clues in them and teams needed both – several missed one.

* For those of you watching who aren’t from Canada, we have a big country here and flights can be pricey. I personally haven’t traveled to most of these locations, and have been to more US destinations than Canadian.

It’s always fun to wonder who would do each challenge in your Amazing Race fantasy team. If I had applied, it would have been with my fiance Rob. He would have done the diving Road Block because I’m not great with water. But I definitely would have been doing the height challenge. I bungee-jumped in South Africa without blinking an eye. The beam wavering would have freaked me out, but it kind of reminded me of doing Tree-Go, an obstacle and zip-lining course.

I find myself getting jealous when other locations in Canada have good things highlighted. In BC, the pit stop was at a winery. We have good wineries here in Nova Scotia! Award-winning wineries! I’m dreading the inevitability of fishing villages and ancient fortresses being highlighted for my home province. Trust me guys, we have a little more going on.

hippiesThe hippies came in first place, no surprise. They’re outdoorsy people from BC, so this leg was totally in their wheelhouse. They received two Express Passes – one to keep, one to give away. They also won a trip to Sydney, Australia – funny how the prizes for winning legs on this show are more exciting than the route the show itself will take.

The doctors came in second, Team Bodybreak came in third – yay! – and the meathead dudes came in fourth. When the son and his father with Parkinsons arrived they received a 30 minute penalty for leaving one clue in the terrarium, which allowed the sisters to take fifth place. The father/son team ended up in sixth. The brothers came in eighth.

twinsIt was a footrace between the twins and the cowboys for the final spot. Even though Treena and Tennille made it to the mat first, they also incurred a 30 minute penalty because of the clue. That meant the cowboys were safe, and the twins were eliminated. They weren’t a very strong team anyway.

So far, so good for The Amazing Race: Canada. It will be a fun show to watch this season, if only to see some of the different places around the country. What did you guys think?


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7 Responses to The Amazing Race “Canada” Premiere

  1. Carol says:

    When and where can we in the US watch it?

    • Jill says:

      Hey Carol, I would try checking out They might have the episodes available to watch.

  2. Todd says:

    A couple comments… first of all I was very happy to see that it seems like the same production team is filming/editing this show as the US version. Too often Canadian versions of popular US shows get “lamed down” and quickly lose their popularity due to poor production. This show, however, (other than the host, who although he is an olympic gold medalist, really annoyed me) had the same interesting pacing & challenge ideas as the US counterpart, so I’m happy with that. Also, as I was watching I couldn’t help thinking “I hope this is being aired in the US as well, because it really does showcase the beauty of our country (with apologies to you, Jill, as I am sure you are right, there will probably be a bias against the maritimes, which is a shame, as it is easily among the most beautiful part of the country)”.

    Looking forward to the season!

    • Jill says:

      Thanks Todd! I know it was raining on at least one of the days they were in Nova Scotia, which is kind of a bummer. 😦 It wasn’t our best time of year.

  3. Cheryl says:

    This was a great start to the show. I’m looking forward to seeing what different areas of the country have to offer.

    Thank you for taking the time to blog about the show. I was thinking about you last night as I was watching, hoping you would give us your insight.

  4. Alex says:

    I’m so grateful for the Canadian version of TAR. I was kind of hoping they’d renew the Australian one as well, but they’re being idiots about it. Glad to have some TAR to watch this summer anyway. Good first episode! ^_^

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