Dexter – DUI Spy

dexter804_6“What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”, the third episode of the final season, aired last night and we saw Deb hit rock bottom. Viewers have been split on whether they find Deb’s behavior this season believable, but so far I like what the show has done with her. A quick review from the episode coming up…

I believe that Deb would be consumed with guilt over committing murder – murdering a cop, of all things – and I’ve been OK with the severe downward spiral we saw her in when this season began. Six months felt like the right time frame for that behavior, and when she drunkenly showed up at the station to confess to her crime, I felt that it was true to the character of Deborah Morgan.

Some of you commented last week that it looked like Quinn was about to become integral to the plot, and you guys were right. As much as I don’t care for Quinn, he’s a key player in all this now. Deb confessed and he didn’t believe her. He’s too in love with her and, frankly to stupid, to believe it could be true. That made it easy for Dexter and Dr. Vogel to convince him that her confession was just the words of a troubled alcoholic with survivor’s guilt.

What’s really interesting now is the idea of Dr. Vogel treating Deb. I can’t wait to see what comes of that. I don’t think she’s “The Brain Surgeon” anymore – after all, we saw her receive the text message when the brains were left on her doorstep – but she’s got to be more villainous than we’ve seen so far.

Dr. Vogel wondered why Dexter didn’t kill Deb, when the first rule of Harry’s Code is “Don’t get caught”. Even if his love for her is selfish, Dexter cares enough about Deb to risk his own life. Does Vogel also think that Dexter should have killed Deb? I wonder.

Stray thoughts:

  • I still don’t love the dynamic among Quinn, Jamie and Batista. I hope it becomes important to the Deborah stuff, but yawn.
  • I really loved the scene in the interrogation room, and how Deb totally broke down when Quinn mentioned Dexter. Turning herself in means turning him in, but it didn’t seem as though she’d thought that through.
  • So far, the show seems to be touching on the idea that maybe Dexter wouldn’t have become a serial killer without Harry’s Code and Vogel. I like the idea of looking at why Dexter has more capacity for emotion than other psychopaths, but I don’t want this to be pinned entirely on Vogel either – it will feel like a cop-out.

What did you guys think?


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4 Responses to Dexter – DUI Spy

  1. Jose says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time commenting on Deb this season, but she is probably the central character this season. I thought her behavior seemed more true to character than the first two episodes. Her shutting the world out, trying to drink her guilt away and ultimately confessing was more believable.

    I was one of the commenters to bring attention to Quinn last week. I was right in a sense, but I didn’t picture him getting drawn into the middle of it this quickly. This is going to get really complicated very quickly. I have a feeling that the Batista/Jamie subplot is going to get drowned out as Quinn gets drawn in.

    Dr Vogel is also starting to worry me a little. I never thought she was the killer, but I haven’t trusted her all the same. I think she will do whatever she thinks is best for Dexter, even if it hurts other people. Something about the way she was eying those pills at the end of the episode…

    • Jill says:

      Great point, Jose. I also noticed how she eyed the pills. It definitely seems like they’re indicating that Vogel might be willing to put Deb at risk or hurt her in order to “save” Dexter.

      Overall, Deb has definitely become a major character more and more over the past few seasons – ever since Rita’s death, I’d say. End of S5, she chooses not to arrest Lumen and Dexter when she sees them behind plastic wrap, even though she knows the two figures are murderers. End of S6, she sees Dexter commiting murder. End of S7 she commits murder for Dexter. It’s been a very deliberate journey, and I really can’t wait to see how it ends. I think Deb needs to kill Dexter or turn him in, in order to wrap up the story. It does seem like the writers are painting Deb as more sympathetic than Dexter.

      I’m hoping that the Quinn/Jamie relationship is just a way to force Quinn and Batista closer together, so that it’s even messier if Quinn finds out the truth. But I could be wrong.

  2. Bud says:

    Deb’s downward spiral is totally believable, and is in line with her character. Obviously Dexter and/or Vogel will stall her confession for a while – it’s just too early in the season. I’m looking for Quinn to connect the dots, even though he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. We should also know soon if Matthews actually knows more about Dexter than he has let on – he was Harry Morgan’s best friend at one time. Did he try to deflect LaGuerta’s investigation last season because he knows?

    Dr. Vogel has her own agenda as well, and quite frankly, gives me the creeps.

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