Game of Thrones – It’s a Nice Day For a Red Wedding

Before watching this episode, I’d read online that it was going to be a good one. One of the scenes was basically the reason that the book series was turned into a TV show, so I was expecting a spectacle.

Red Wedding

So, after all that fuss, the girl that married Edmure Tully was actually quite pretty. Yes yes, Robb is in love with Talisa. But really, Roslin was quite pretty. Everyone was celebrating and the newlyweds appeared to be pretty happy. The whole “bedding” ritual is super weird, but it was certainly a lively party.

Doors were closed, and just as The Hound turned up with Arya they were told that the party was over. Poor, struggling Arya. She got so close this time, and once again all she got was to be right there while her family is slaughtered. I’m glad she survived – The Hound forced her to flee – but she’s lost so much now.

The fight scene was pretty graphic and disgusting. Almost everyone was murdered, and we saw someone stab Talisa in her pregnant stomach over and over. Robb watched his wife die, and then his mother watched him die. Then Caitlin’s throat was slit and the episode was over. What! What? What. Craziness.


Some insane stuff happened with Jon Snow and Ygritte. Jon was forced to prove his loyalty by killing an innocent man and, when he couldn’t, Ygritte did it for him. I really like those two now. And Bran protected him via his psychic connection to a Direwolf… right? And then a crow attacked Jon Snow. Please, feel free to clarify this in the comments. The magical animals have never really been my  thing. 

Meanwhile, Daeny sacked another city and freed some more slaves. That girl is on fire!

Stray thoughts:

  • The scene where Arya convinces the Hound not to kill the man they’re robbing was very charming. Then Jon Snow tried to convince his posse not to kill the man they were stealing horses from . Ned Stark raised his children well! Relatively, anyway.
  • Sam and Gilly are, I suppose, growing on me.
  • The weird kids hanging out with Bran Stark and Tonks from Harry Potter are not particularly growing on me.
  • Bran Stark can also control the minds of (simple) humans. As he begins to realize the scope of his power, he is becoming a more interesting character.
  • I have to say, I probably would have found this episode more exciting had I not read anything about it in advance. The wedding was grotesque, and I guess I understand why for some it would be a thrill to create/watch. And certainly, killing off those main characters will change things drastically for the finale. But I didn’t find the scene to be particularly epic – just gross.
  • Next week is the season finale! These ten episodes flew by.

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15 Responses to Game of Thrones – It’s a Nice Day For a Red Wedding

  1. I think the Red Wedding came off better in the book, it was pretty much just gore in the show. It was Rob’s wolf that was killed, Arya’s is still out there (she ran her off in season one).

    Somehow, Bran’s ability to control animals is going to play into the final plot. There seems to be a connection to the return of ancient magic in the world and the return of the dragons. As they get more powerful, more and more magic is showing up.

    The Reeds (“Harry Potter kids”) are way better in the books. I agree they are sort of lame in the show, but I still like Jojen.

    Rickon finally got to talk! He even walked around a little, and Wolves came back in a big way; they haven’t even been in the show for a few weeks.

    Rob’s wife getting killed was also a major divergence from the book, he didn’t take her to the wedding, so she survived in the books, probably won’t have much of an impact.

    Great review! Thanks..

    • Jill says:

      Thanks! Just realized the mistake with the wolves and corrected it. I’m more intrigued now, because I’d love to see Arya and her direwolf reunited.

      I think the Reeds (thanks, never knew their names) just haven’t been developed enough on the show to make an impact. They were introduced when there were already so many characters, and that storyline wasn’t going anywhere for quite a while. This week was different, especially since the two brothers had to part ways.

  2. Mallory says:

    I totally agree about that final scene. Even though it was incredibly tragic and shocking to watch, there must have been a more…. tasteful (?) way of recreating that scene since it was just so over the top in terms of the goriness.

    • Jose says:

      I think it was as brutal as it needed to be. It was difficult to watch, but that it what it was supposed to be.

  3. I can explain the bit with the crow. Gareth from The Office has the same power as Bran (to get inside of animals) so after Jon killed him, as a final F-U Gareth got inside the crow and then crow/Gareth attacked Jon. It took me a bit to sort that part out.

  4. Aaron Sirois says:

    By crow I think you mean that hawk that tried to rake his eyes out? The guy Jon killed was a fully developed warg, meaning he could take control of animals. Right before he died, he grabbed control of that hawk (which he had previously used to scout ahead) so that, essentially, he wouldn’t really die. It was also a good chance to perhaps exact some revenge.

    And I’m pretty sure that Ygritte and Jon are done btw. She did not seem too pleased with the fact that he rode off without her.

    • Jill says:

      I guess I just kind of assumed they’ll reconnect. I’ll be disappointed if that was the end of their story together – without Ygritte, I find Snow kind of dull.

  5. Douglas says:

    The nickname of Daenerys is spelled Dany, not Daeny, as can be verified in the books.

  6. Jose says:

    It is a little hard to comment on anything but the wedding, but I liked Edmure’s look of horror at the beginning of the episode when Walder was introducing his daughters and granddaughters. YOu might have caught this, but Roose Bolton was the man who ended up killing Robb. He was the one who decided to let Jaime go a few episodes back. The last thing Jaime told Bolton was send Robb Stark my regards, and that was the last thing he did before killing him. It was a very unsettling conspiracy.

    • Jill says:

      Oh, I’d forgotten about that! Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. Jose says:

    Oh yeah, the song that played right before the killing started was the Rains of Castamere. It is a song about Tywin Lannister brutally killing a family that challenged him. Cersei explained it to Margaery in the last episode. Cold blooded.

  8. Dana says:

    I am amused that so many people online who had not read the books were so shocked by the wedding, although the gore was taken to a new level (and I looked away for some of it but still, for this show this was appropriate IMO). GoT had been foreboding something bad happening to Robb and Catelyn all season and plus this was penultimate GoT. BIG things happen in penultimate GoT. Basically every single word out of Catelyn’s mouth this season has symbolized her death. The thing that I was surprised about was Lord Bolton saying, the Lannisters send their regards. I’ve not paid much attention to Lord Bolton but I thought it was pretty amazing that somehow the Lannisters had their hooks in this and it went beyond a simple betrayal of marriage but played into the whole war.

    I thought though that the scene was great in building up the suspense during the wedding, I had a lump in my throat the entire time, just knowing something terrible was going to happen.

    I also thought the scene with the Hound and Arya looking over at the Twins was amazing. That poor girl, what will happen to her and the rest of them now? Being honorable seems to be a fatal flaw in Westeros and I find it amazing that with the exception of Jon Snow it is the younger Starks that seem to have the better survival instincts – Sansa wouldn’t last a day on her own.

    To me I wonder what the death of the two elder Starks will do for the show? Yes, there is Arja, Bran (and maybe Rickon) who will continue but it is hard to see that there will be something good to root for in the show. Yes, Dany, but she is still so far away from Westeros. Obviously only those dragons are going to defeat the Lannisters but that is a long time coming, I think.

    Yeah, and I think Jon and Ygritte are done. His inability to commit to them I think does it for her, even though her emotion for him took over as she tried to protect him.

    • Aaron Sirois says:

      As for Bolton, he had already been seen courting Lannister favor when he sent Jamie to King’s Landing. I think he knew that the war was already lost for Robb.

      I love the fact that Robb won every battle, but lost the war. It shows that skill on the battlefield alone will not win you the game of thrones. From the start, Robb made terrible political decisions. He let Theon go, he broke his vow to the notoriously untrustworthy Frey, he executed Lord Karstark, etc. This lost him Winterfell, a significant portion of his army, and ultimately his life.

      What I love about the series is all of the what ifs. What if Catelyn hadn’t captured Tyrion? Would King Robert still be alive? What if Ned hadn’t been such a fool as to warn Cersei? Would Stannis now be king and the Starks back in Winterfell?

      The most interesting thing, of course, is that Dany is still overseas, oblivious to all that goes on in Westeros. And they’re oblivious to her. While she builds her strength (at least in the show. the verdict is out on the books because GRRM is a jerk), the seven kingdoms weaken each other through numerous battles. Then you have the white walkers. It’s just so damned interesting.

  9. Alex says:

    I thought the wedding served its purpose. It was a slaughter and was accurately portrayed as such. It was supposed to be bloody and disgusting.
    Karstock or whatever his name (the guy Rob executed) had said Rob lost the war the minute he betrayed Frey and married his wife.
    Ned raised great warriors and honorable people but it seems in that world honor gets you killed. Either you play the game and get your hands dirty or you get killed like Ned and Rob.
    I’m assuming the red witch burning the leech with king’s blood and cursing Rob along with Joeffery and I think Greyjoy?? had something to do with Rob’s bad luck.
    I love Caleessi (however you spell it) but Jill you didn’t mention the fact that Jorah seemed very irritated and possibly angry that she was only concerned if her new boy toy made it out alive. I already hate this guy. Jorah needs to put a knife in his back and hope that Dany one day returns his love.
    I haven’t read the books, I’m going to wait till after the show but I’m also assuming if Bran is that strong maybe one day he can actually take control of the dragons??????

    • Jill says:

      Oh yeah, I did forget to mention that tension with Dany and the dudes. I’m not sure that I really want her to be with anyone, she’s so strong and powerful on her own.

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