How I Met Your Mother – Facing Facts

Well, we have a face! The face of The Mother! After a long and painful season, it didn’t feel like enough.

I have a lot of feelings about the How I Met Your Mother season finale. If you’ve been following my Funny Friday posts, you probably know that I haven’t loved this season. I’ve had a lot of problems with the show for a few years now. I’ve only stuck around because next season will be the last, and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. And unfortunately, this episode didn’t do much for me.

Because Marshall and Lily were supposed to move to Rome for a year, I wondered if maybe Ted would meet The Mother in the season finale, and then the show would pick up a full year later next season. Lily and Marshall would be back, and Ted would be getting engaged. No. Instead, Marshall takes a job as a judge without telling his wife and, I assume, they won’t move to Italy after all.

Ted planned to sell his beautiful Westchester house and move to Chicago, a storyline twist that was entirely anti-climactic because we know he won’t. His children will be raised in that house. He’ll meet The Mother and stay in New York. And at least for right now, that long-awaited moment is soured by the fact that up until the minute he meets The Mother, he’s still in love with Robin. Ugh.

I’ve had so many problems with the way Barney and Robin have been portrayed as a couple this season, all of which I’ve discussed in previous posts. So I was surprised that their storyline was easily my favorite of the episode. This is the couple that I love to watch. (And a great guest appearance by Casey Wilson of the now-cancelled Happy Endings helped a lot.) It made me wish the paid hadn’t been ruined for me with all the previous crap this show has done.

So that’s how I feel about the season finale. Of course I’ll watch next fall (I assume the season premiere will show us Barney and Robin’s wedding, and the big meeting), but I likely won’t blog about it regularly. I’ll check back in whenever an episode warrants it. What did you guys think of this episode, and the season overall?


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4 Responses to How I Met Your Mother – Facing Facts

  1. so what do you think of the casting of the mother?

    I agree, this series has become difficult to watch, and the characters have become more and more unlikeable. but I am sure I will continue to tune in every Monday next season. I really wanted to see the wedding tonight, but I am glad we at least got to see the mothers face and not just umbrella and legs.

  2. kristaspurr says:

    I’ve been bitter-ending it like you, but I may have to disengage from HIMYM next season (like I did with The Office). The showrunners are describing Season 9 as “the longest wedding weekend ever,” which is doing NOTHING to inspire confidence about next season.

    This used to be one of my top three shows and now I can’t get through an episode without resenting it for wasting my time and not going anywhere.

  3. Aaron Sirois says:

    I just want to know what’s wrong with this woman that she ends up with Ted. Cause he’s pretty terrible.

  4. Wayne says:

    Well I’m glad that we finally got to see the mother. I look forward to getting to know more about her next season, although I too am hanging on to the bitter end just because I’ve invested so much time in the series up until now.
    I rather liked Ted’s storyline this episode; it seemed touching. Lily’s and Marshall’s will be one to watch next season too. I can’t wait to see how Lily reacts to Marshall’s news. The storyline I didn’t like was Barney and Robin, because every time I see them together they just seem so awful and this episode was no exception (although the couple they tried to mess with really had it coming). I find Barney to be especially awful. I liked him way better as a single womanizer. Plus, the way they keep harping on the fact that they “will soon be married”, ” will be legen-wait for it-MARRIED”, etc makes me think that they won’t be getting married at all. I guess we’ll see next season.
    Overall, last night’s episode will make me check out the season premiere, but it won’t be a show I’ll be counting the days down for over the summer.

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