Game of Thrones – Bear With Them

Usually I find Game of Thrones very slow to start, only getting really exciting in the last couple episodes. But this season, I’ve been much more invested in a few of the storylines – particularly Daeny’s newfound power and Sansa’s future. So I quite liked this week’s episode.

Neither Sansa not Tyrion are happy with their arranged marriage. Tyrion thinks Sansa is too young, and he loves Shea. Sansa, well, she sees Tyrion as an unattractive, old dwarf and still holds a flame for young, handsome Loras.

Daeny’s scenes were fantastic again this week. I love her mix of confidence and compassion. She demanded that another city free their slaves, using her dragons as a threat.

Jaime swore to Brienne that he’d return the Stark girls to Catelyn, as repayment for what Brienne did for him. I keep having to remind myself that Jaime is a terrible person, because he’s been so sympathetic and likable in the past few episodes. Also, because he’s dreamy. The lie Jaime told to save Brienne from rape came back to haunt them – her captors in Harenhaal wouldn’t release her in exchange for the offered reward because they hadn’t been offered the sapphires Jaime had told them about. Instead, she was entrainment. When Jaime found out, he returned to Harenhaal and found Brienne being forced to fight a grizzly bear. With a little help from his bodyguard, Jaime rescued Brienne. I don’t know about y’all, but I thought that was pretty awesome.

I’m not always a fan of Jon Snow, but I really liked his scenes with Ygritte this week. Him trying to explain “swooning” to her was hilarious and adorable. I know they can’t be happy and in love forever (someone’s got to die, right?) but this is the most interesting Snow has ever been.

Those are the parts that stuck out for me this week. What did you guys think of the episode?


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4 Responses to Game of Thrones – Bear With Them

  1. Aaron Sirois says:

    Loosing the hand really changed Jamie to be sure, but I’m not so sure how horrible a person he was supposed to be before hand. Him being with Cersei is certainly icky, but not evil. Going to war over his brother makes a degree of sense, as does murdering one of his captors during an escape attempt. He’s an arrogant bastard at times to be sure, but he’s a saint compared to his sister and (ew) son.

    The “before hand” bit was unintentional, and hilarious.

  2. Ben says:

    I need need need the Greyjoy storyline to take a turn. The devastation in those torture scenes absolutely shatter me every time…

  3. Jose says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to the bear pit scene all season. The different reactions people have been having to Jaime have been interesting. I like that you remind yourself he is a terrible person. Could he really be all bad if you need to remind yourself?

    One thing you didn’t mention in your review was Arya. She got picked up by the Hound after she ran off.

  4. Dana says:

    I think Jaime is like the rest of them, playing the Game of Thrones. I like what losing his hand has done to him, it will be interesting ot see what happens with his newfound humanity once he is back in King’s Landing, under Tywin’s thumb, presuming he ever gets there.

    I am disappointed in Tyrion, not in his acting so much, but he is not given much to work with this season. I get that the plot is largely driven by the books but still.

    I always get a very creepy feeling around Margaery Tyrell w hen she is with Sansa. She’s manipulative, do you think this is genuine friendship and wouldn’t Joffrey have something to say about her befriending this girl?

    Also the scenes with Theon need to stop. Seriously, what did this week’s time with him prove? He is being held captive by a Sadist? It’s enough, we get it, we got it two weeks ago. Don’t waste precious screen time on him, I’d rather get 5 more minutes of Arya.

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