American Idol – Holy. Crap.

idol top 3OK guys. I tried to review American Idol last week, but WordPress ate my post. Basically, I said that this was the strongest top four that Idol has maybe ever seen, and all of the women were deserving of a win. It actually makes me angry that the show has suffered through several seasons of mediocre winners only to have four fantastic women make it so far this year.

I was sad to see Amber go last week because I’ve always really loved her. I think her versatility is admirable, and she’s a real star on stage. I love that she can do more upbeat R&B/pop stuff, and then also knock “My Funny Valentine” out of the park.

But honestly, I have to see Candice win. Man oh man, has she killed it every week or what? Last week she blew me away with “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. This week, it was “Somewhere” from West Side Story. The woman can do ANYTHING.

I was very surprised to see Angie eliminated this week instead of Kree. I really like Kree, and I want to see her make a soulful, classic country album. But I think she peaked a little early, whereas I thought Angie slumped for a few weeks and then really came back swinging last and this week. Angie’s three songs this week were all great, and showed how versatile she’s become. I think Angie sang well enough to deserve to be in the finals, even though I didn’t want her to win. I think she could be a great pop star, even though she’s not always my thing.

As much as I do like Kree, I think the winner next week really has to be Candice. She has delivered consistently every single week. She’s given us so many memorable performances. I can’t believe that this was Candice’s third time auditioning for the show. I wonder what changed? I’d love to go back and see her previous auditions, to know if it was song choice, or confidence, or if she just needed more practice to become the powerhouse diva she is now.

What do you guys think, is this one of the best seasons of Idol we’ve ever had?


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2 Responses to American Idol – Holy. Crap.

  1. Scott says:

    I was so shocked that Kree made it into the finals over Angie, and based on their reactions and those of the judges, nobody was expecting it. I think this is one of the strongest final two’s ever, and even though I adore Kree I agree that Candice is absolutely the deserving winner.

    I posted a link on another of your Idol posts to Candice’s Vegas round performance last year after which she was eliminated. I honestly don’t think anything has changed with her, she was this amazing last year (and likely the year before). The only this that’s changed is the judging panel. I really hope she does well post-Idol.

  2. Jo McKee says:

    I’m watching Idol from New Zealand and I agree that the talent this year has offered breath-taking moments. Choosing between these women is like choosing between Agassi and Sampras. Candice should win, I just enjoy her, she fills up my soul-but Kree, should she become unbuttoned (Lordy, that girl is holding on so tight) is also Queen of her genre. I will never forget this year

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