Mad Men – I vs. We

peggy-600-1367827776I couldn’t watch Mad Men on Sunday night like I normally do, and spent most of the day avoiding spoilers. (I was successful on that front, save for knowing that at some point, Pete Campbell would fall down a set of stairs.) I’m glad, because the episode was very good and I wouldn’t have wanted to know anything going in. So if you’ve seen the episode, click through for a recap.

Even though I sensed something was coming, I didn’t exactly predict this – Peggy’s new agency merging with SCDP. But I think I like it. After all, I do love scenes with Peggy and Don together. And now that she’s moved on, all those relationships will be different. She’ll have to work with Stan again, and there will be more power players fighting for a piece of the pie. I loved the scene where Don and Teddy hatched the plan at the bar. I’m excited to get more of those two together.

Really, I thought this was a brilliant episode that showed the best and worst of Don Draper. He’s impulsive and selfish – he fired Jaguar without thinking of anyone but himself. He hated Herb, so he let them go without thinking of the agency, Pete, Roger or, worst of all, Joan. But those impulses can also be dead on, and his idea to merge with another agency in order to score the Chevy account was, I think, genius.

Still, I find I’m focusing the most on this line: “Just once, I’d like to hear you use the word ‘we’,” uttered with disappointment by Joan. It’s always seemed like Joan and Don have so much in common. They do. But even Joan can be fed up with Don and his selfish, arrogant ways sometimes.

mad-men-chevrolet-blog480I also loved the Roger scenes this week, because for so long it’s seemed like he’s been on the way out. Pete, Kenny and Harry have been bringing in business – but Roger’s still got it, and with the help of a flight attendant named Daisy he landed a very big fish. The price was angering Megan’s mother.

The personal drama was all fantastic this week, too. Dr. Rosen quit his job out of frustration, so I expect that might mean a move or some other upheaval for him and Sylvia. Pete spotted his father-in-law at a brothel, and in turn both lost Vick’s Chemical as a client and any remaining shot he had at getting back together with Trudy.

Enough about me – what did you guys think?


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3 Responses to Mad Men – I vs. We

  1. Kyung says:

    How could you not post a gif of Pete falling down the stairs??? lol Funny how fickle we viewers could be. Last wek I said to myself: I didn’t think I’d ever want to see Pete Campbell punch someone else in the face, but Harry definitely deserved it.
    This week once again showed how classless and clueless he is. The first 5 seasons Pete tried so hard, so constantly to be like Don, and inevitably failed miserably. This season seems as though he’s focused more on being true to himself, and he’s just as insufferable.
    I loved the foreshadowing that Matthew Weiner used (Peggy leaving, the first hint?) to lead into the ‘WE’ of SCDP-CGC. The most glaring was when they met up afer the failed Heinz pitch. Ted seemed to realize the big picture sooner than Don, but the slight, but important difference in their personalities is Don’s boldness and ability to play out of bounds, but still win the game. (Remember the Honda pitch?)
    I’d definitely like to see the new high drama involved in a merger of equals. Some of my favorite moments (instead of listing minutes 1 thru 60)
    Roger’s go get ’em attitude and thinking outside the box to grab new clients. I was a little shocked to see Disney’s own Danielle Panabaker’s teasing nudity, not gonna lie.
    Pete…angry…stairs…nuff said
    Joan’s reaction to potentially being a millionaire
    Any scene with the amazing Julia Ormond (but especially her coaching her still beautiful daughter on using her feminine wiles.
    The SCDP staff scattering away from the conference room
    Evryone at dinner sharing an awkward glance at the though of Herb missing ANY meal.
    Peggy’s bedtime fantasy of Ted The attention to detail (harkening back to her first interview with) even though Emerson never wrote that title, she just imagines “Something by Emerson.” is what he’d be reading. Brilliant!
    Ted’s initial reaction to seeing Don at the bar
    Don’s ‘WE” moment.
    This had to be my favorite ep since “Shut the door. Have a seat”

  2. Wayne says:

    What a great episode! You both have summed up everything I liked about it, so I don’t really have anything new to add. So much great stuff going on in it.

  3. Dana says:

    Nothing better than when Mad Men gets a little caper-ish and when lots of stuff is happening work wise. Megan is completely boring and I am tired of her but her mother made me scream with laughter. And Roger, I knew he had it in him! Great stuff!

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