Game of Thrones – The Marriage Plot

As much as I love an episode that opens with Arya Stark, I spent the beginning of this episode of GoT itching to get to Daenerys. I mean, after that ending last week, who wouldn’t be?

Arya and the Brotherhood Without Banners

Arya accused The Hound of murder – he killed her little friend Mycah. His trial was to fight – he won, and was thus set free. Arya, of course, was crushed. Poor Arya really has no one right now – Gendry was her only friend, and he’ll never be her family.

Come on Baby, Light My Fire

Fans of Jon Snow and Ygritte were likely VERY excited this week when the two finally had sex. They definitely have chemistry on screen, but I can’t help but think this won’t end well for poor Jon Snow. Also, it was weird to see Gwen the maid from season one of Downton Abbey naked.


Robb killed a guy this week, so I had to Google who that was. The man was Karstark, a man who wanted revenge against Jaime Lannister for the deaths of his sons. Since Catelyn let Jaime go, Karstark killed two of Robb’s prisoners. Robb beheaded Karstark, even though Catelyn and Jeyne told him not to. Killing Karstark meant losing his whole army. Guys, Robb really sucks at war.


The friendship between Jaime and Brienne has always been fascinating, and that bath they took together was particularly weird. I didn’t quite catch all of what he was telling her, so feel free to fill things in in the comments section. But Jaime is called “Kingslayer” because he took out the mad king, and he confessed to Brienne that the mad king, Aerys, had a plot to kill a lot of people with wildfire.


It’s interesting to actually see Daenerys with some power now, after she struggled for so long to get anywhere. She obviously wants to rule with kindness, and it will be interesting to see whether she can actually manage that. One problem I tend to have with Game of Thrones is that because I know there are so many books, I often wonder how long it will take for characters to get anywhere. Will Daenerys ever get to Westeros or rule from the Iron Throne? Or are we in for many more seasons of her, Arya and the rest of them just traveling around, trying to reach goals but never getting there?

King’s Landing

Oh, Sansa. She’s grown up a lot since we first saw her, but she’s still a naive girl. She let it slip that Margaery was planning to marry her off to her brother once she was married to Joffrey, and it got back to the Lannisters. Of course, they needed to keep Sansa to themselves because they see her as the key to the war. So they forced Tyrion to marry her – a match that neither Sansa nor Tyrion would want.

That’s where the episode ended – on a less powerful, but more ominous note. Poor Sansa.


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9 Responses to Game of Thrones – The Marriage Plot

  1. Hannah says:

    The really important detail of the Brotherhood Without Banners storyline is that Lord Beric Dondarrion can be brought back from the dead by Thoros Myr. So, in essence, he cannot be killed.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Sansa didn’t slip. The marriage got out because LittleFinger sent a spy to sleep with Margery’s brother. Best was Tywin putting Cersei in her place. Not as exciting as last week but enjoyed the episode.

  3. Dana says:

    The Stark children seem to be cursed with honor which seems to be a flaw of potentially epic proportions. Certainly it was for Ned but look at all his children. Well, I don’t know if Sansa has so much honor as naievete but certainly you see that Robb’s and Arya’s honor is not really getting them anywhere. I am not sure about Bran and Rickon because they are still walking with the Love Actually kid and we haven’t seen them in a while.

    I also struggle a little bit with how long it takes for these plots to play out. I think the guy that writes the books is still writing them so there is no end yet in sight, so I think we have more walking, more characters, more of this. It’s compelling but the plot doesn’t move quickly.

    Jill, I also didn’t get that this guy that Loras was doing the nasty with was a spy of Littlefinger, but I read it. Thank goodness for Alan Sepinwall and the good folks over at the AV Club or I might never know what is happening.

    How about Tywin giving Cersei her due, she has to marry a gay man. Even in Westeros it’s tough to be a woman in a man’s world!

  4. Aaron Sirois says:

    The author of the books is working on the show. As the books are still ongoing, we fans of the books are a tad annoyed. After all, there have been periods where there have been no new books for many years.

    However, as I’m sure this show is expensive as heck to keep going, I’m sure HBO won’t have it last too many more seasons. From what I’ve heard, it’s likely next season will be the last. Which makes a deal of sense, since so much of what happens in books four and five is setup. There are some cool moments to be sure, but nothing like what happens in book 3.

  5. Kristin B says:

    Man, what the what is up with Stannis?! He’s brainwashed by the red witch lady, he locks up his BFF/head solider guard guy, locks up his daughter!, and locks up his wife (?) with a bunch of stillborn babies in jars of goo?! Sounds like a stand-up guy…

    I really want to know more about this magical religion or whatever that is with the Brotherhood people, and that dude that keeps coming back to life. What are the chances he teams up with Robb Stark and gives him a helping hand. Since Robb Stark fails at war and stuff. He could use an un-killable buddy!

    Poor, poor Sansa. 😦 Just an innocent little girl wanting a handsome lord to frolic off into the sunset with. Though of the Lannisters, Tyrion’s probably the nicest one to get stuck with – sorta silver lining?

    • Jose says:

      I don’t believe that Stannis has his wife and daughter locked up. I think his wife keeps herself there by choice, and the babies in jars are also her idea. She is a little on the nutty side, in case it wasn’t obvious.

      And yes, poor Sansa although Tyrion may be the best option she has at King’s Landing even if she doesn’t realize it. The Tyrell’s only want to marry her to Loras as part of a plot to have a family member in charge of the north. The Lannisters want the same thing, but at least Tyrion is a good person for the most part. I won’t say much about Littlefinger, but he is not to be trusted.

  6. Jose says:

    I can explain Jaime’s story a bit. Jaime was part of the kingsguard during the rebellion and took a vow to protect the mad king with his life. After the war started going against him, the mad king started a plot to burn all of King’s Landing (and everyone in it) to the ground with wildfire. When Tywin attacked the city, the mad king gave the order to burn the city and ordered Jaime to kill his father. Jaime killed the king instead, breaking his oath to the king. No one else knew why he killed the king before Brienne, so most people judged him for breaking his oath and look down on him for it. That is what he meant when he told Brienne “There’s that look”.

    On your point of the traveling, I don’t think that is the best way to characterize the story arcs. Without giving anything away, the story may take unexpected turns and characters are forced to respond to unforeseen events, but there is always some immediate goal. Some of the diversions that might seem pointless will end up having a big effect on the story later on. One spoiler free example is one quick scene in season 1 that most people forgot set up the brotherhood without banners.

  7. Alex says:

    I understand how the Stark’s honor actually hurts them in a world without scruples. However I have NO sympathy for Sansa. She’s so naive and chooses to live in a fantasy world that I laugh when bad things happen to her.
    Her sister Anya rules all heck.

    • Dana says:

      Sansa was raised to marry a noble man, she was a good girl who did what she was told and that is all she knows of life. Arya was always defiant. She hung out with Jon Snow in Winterfell so it’s natural that the two girls have a very different view on life.

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