The Amazing Race – Great Scot!

This week on The Amazing Race, the teams headed to Scotland and I was reminded that, really, South Arfica’s infamous vuvuzelas aren’t all that bad – because bagpipes are SO MUCH WORSE. The Roadblock in Scotland required one team member to complete a bagpipe performance, and man, was it annoying. Luckily, it was over very quickly.

The funniest part of the Roadblock was watching Meghan react to the bagpiper putting his mouth all over HER bagpipe as he was instructing her. Ew! I don’t care about being rude, I would have wiped it off with my sleeve.

Tasty Puddin’ vs. Whiskey Rollin’

The Detour required teams to choose between preparing disgusting haggis (Full disclosure: I have had a small bite of haggis before. It upset me because it tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing AND I LOVE STUFFING.) or rolling barrels of whiskey 200m. Guys, 200 meters is not that far, right? Half a running track. I would have gone for the barrel rolling.

OK, so it was more than one barrel and they were obviously heavy. Bates and Anthony actually CARRIED them, which was insane. Still, it seemed like a better option than jamming god knows what into a large condom made of stomach.

Bates and Anthony did finish first, and they U-turned Meghan and Joey. Poor Team YouTube just can’t catch a break. Damn alliances! Max and Katie then U-turned the roller derby moms. These teams are so dumb, they’re not U-turning the most threatening teams, they’re just protecting their pals. Bates and Anthony should have U-turned Max and Katie, or no one at all. Also, I think it’s pretty dumb to have a Double U-turn in the same leg as a Speed Bump. I miss the good ol’ days of The Amazing Race, when there were none of these dumb extras and teams had to walk around the world barefoot, uphill.

Max and Katie actually ended up coming in first, and winning ten grand each. So there you go, Bates and Anthony. Enjoy not having $10,000, suckas. They of course came in second, and the country singing blonds came in third.

Last Place Race

Mona and Beth had to bowl a strike to complete the Speed Bump, but Meghan and Joey are crappy at running the race so they all started the Detour at the same time. Not surprisingly, the roller derby players were much faster at rolling the heavy barrels than the hipsters who make a career out of posting videos online.

Mona and Beth arrived in fourth place, and Meghan and Joey were eliminated. I ran hot and cold on them as a team, but I definitely would have preferred them to stay in over a team like Max and Katie. I’m still rooting for the roller derby moms to win, but it feels like a long shot. I can’t believe next week is the season finale. I just haven’t gotten into this season at all.


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3 Responses to The Amazing Race – Great Scot!

  1. Peter says:

    Yeah… totally. I’m actually kinda bummed Team Youtube is out. Just as I found myself suddenly crushing a little on young Joey as well too (it was the tears… I’m a sucker for tears). Yes, I would hate for Max & Katie to win this season. Anyone but them, please…. please? Of the remaining teams, if I had to choose, I’d pick the Hockey Bros. Just because they seem the least evil/annoying.

    I agree with you, Jill, about this season being lackluster and am not being able to get into it as much. Why do you think that is? Casting? Challenges? Both?

  2. says:

    I think its challenges more… casting is not the greatest but I’ve liked many teams…eventually.

    The challenges are, or at least, they seem, a little too easy. Okay maybe not easy, but they never seem to take very long; they don’t really allow for teams to really push themselves and fight to win. Tonight had that, a little, and the battle for fourth was intense.

    Bland season, and sadly, the last few have been as well.

    I still like the show, but they need to revive it somehow.

    Rooting for Bates/Anthony or the Derby Moms. Or the singers. Anyone but Max and Katie

  3. Alex says:

    I agree. This season has sort of been boring. Other then the father/son cancer survivors there were no teams worth really getting behind. The producers need to right the ship. The challenges have been too easy and the alliances are ruining the show. Why would you not u-turn a more threatening team???!!!! That makes no sense. Let the weaker teams advance with you to help your odds. Don’t help teams that could beat you!!

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