The Amazing Race – The Haunting

tar lettersThe challenges this week on The Amazing Race were some of the best they’ve been, but I still struggle with not really liking any of the teams. Am I really supposed to care that the blond country singers are in love with the hunky hockey brothers? I am not surprised, that’s for sure. They’re like two Carrie Underwood wannabes!

In this leg, the teams ended up pretty spread out and it seemed like many of the teams expected to be in last place.

The teams were sent to Germany, where they first had to complete a quiz about the Berlin Wall from inside a car before they could move on. Next, they had to do a freefall off a large building – very cool.

The Detour was a choice between putting together a model train set, or running all over the city moving giant, neon letters from Point A to Point B. The hockey bros nearly ruined everything when they cracked the letter they were carrying. They switched tasks, which nearly landed them in last place. Only the roller derby moms were in worse shape, since they got completely lost. The model train was a little more difficult than you’d think. Megan and Joey completed it, and later the hockey bros.

After that, one team member had to complete a small task in a creepy room. It’s a hard to describe, right? It was basically a haunted house. The hockey bros and roller derby moms ended up there at around the same time, and both had thought they were in last place.

Max and Katie came in first place, with Joey and Meghan coming in second quite a bit later. The blond country singers came in third. It came down to a footrace between the hockey bros and the roller derby moms, with the hockey bros coming out on top. But it didn’t matter – it was a non-elimination round. Yawn! I like the roller derby moms OK, but there’s no one I’m really rooting for or against this season. What about you guys?


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5 Responses to The Amazing Race – The Haunting

  1. spc6620 says:

    I absolutely love the Salon bar challenge and I want to go to there. 😛

    As for teams I’m rooting for and against… I think I’m over Max (and Katie) at this point. He’s kinda irritating and unlike Joey, he doesn’t have the endearing factor to go with the irritation factor. Which in turns makes me root for Joey & Meghan. Hahha. Weird, I can’t explain it either… but yeah. I went from hating them to loving them.

    I haven’t watched the preview from next week’s episode (I never do), but I’m sensing a U-Turn is in play and I’m sure the Hockey Bros are a target for sure. If they’re out… the final three teams racing, no matter who they are, will start to look like a dud. Just please don’t let Max win, that would make my already least favorite in a long time that much worse.

  2. Alex says:

    I really love the moms, the brothers and Meghan & Joey and like the other two. I never thought either would make it so far, so I’m definitely impressed. Excited for next week! ^_^

  3. Annie says:

    The hockey brothers are a strong team (but also don’t mind following others, etc). I still kind of like them although they are a bit cocky. I really dont’ like Max (esp how he treats people, makes derogatory comments about cultures and countries, etc) and don’t want him to win. Joey’s dramatics are a bit much for me, but he has a fun spirit. My first impression of country girls at beginnign of the season was that they were girls who flirted their way through life, but they are doing ok with challenges. They are a little too eager for the showmance, and I’m not sure they have the competitive spirit to fight it out with another team.
    My favorite team is the Roller moms. I usually begin the season rooting for the older teams (who are closer to my age than the young pretty model wanna-be’s) and so they have been one of my favorites since the beginning. They are a bit directionally challenged, but do well on the physical challenges. Since we haven’t had much in the way of puzzles or logical challenges, that may trip up some of the teams.
    Last nights building drop would have been scary for me, but teams seemed to handle it ok. I imagine Wynonna would have been freaking out. Carrying letters was a physical task that hockey brothers should have done well (esp when one isn’t carrying a backpack anymore) but they had a bit of bad luck. Train challenge sounded easy but seemed to be more difficult than it looked.
    The maze was a little strange, I imagine it was challenging to film so we dont’ really have an idea of what it was like to be in it.

  4. Aaron Sirois says:

    Katie made a Legends of the Hidden Temple reference. I have to begrudgingly like like her now.

  5. resty says:

    this is a race, not a dating game hahaha../

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