American Idol – It’s Still Rock and Roll To Them

Seven contestants and the show is STILL two hours long? Shut up, American Idol. That’s ridiculous.

Anyway, the theme for the evening was rock and roll – no ballads allowed -, and there aren’t any rockers on this season of the show. So some singers figured out how to make it work, and some were total disasters. I was just happy to have a week free of sappy ballads.

Burnell Taylor – “You Give Love a Bad Name”
This was one of the disasters. That awkward kick he did at the end pretty much summed it up. This was a terrible song choice for Burnell. Not a great performance.

Kree Harrison – “Piece of my Heart”
OK, that intro piece on how Kree knows everyone’s names was kind of adorable. This song was so perfect for her that I knew she’d kill it. It was a tad predictable – nothing about the performance was that different from any other cover of this song. But it was solid.

Janelle Arthur – “You May Be Right”
Another bad song choice. Even if Janelle was going to go with Billy Joel – I love Billy Joel! – another song would have been better. Her tempo was off, and it just didn’t sound great. Her worst performance so far.

Lazaro Arbos – “We Are The Champions”
Lazaro doesn’t have a big enough voice to pull off a Queen song, and this wasn’t fantastic. But it wasn’t the worst thing he’s ever done, either.

Candice Glover – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
Great performance, and a great song choice. This song has tons of attitude, it’s a good tempo, and it lets you show off your voice. Everyone should’ve done a Stones song. I knew Candice would rock it, and she didn’t disappoint.

Amber Holcomb – “What About Love”
Performance of the night. Amber came out looking and sounding like a star. I can see Amber being in music right now, and I’d be happy if she won this season. I think she’s grown and improved more than most people on this show. I think this girl is ready to be a pop star.

Angie Miller – “Bring Me To Life”
I’m not a big fan of this song, but it was a good fit for Angie’s voice and I appreciated that she chose something more contemporary than everyone else. This was a very good performance.

There is a clear top four here, displayed every week – Candice, Amber, Angie and Kree are consistently the best. I’ve been waiting for Lazaro and Burnell to be eliminated, and this week I think Janelle showed that she’s the weakest among the ladies. Here’s my rankings for this week, which had its ups and downs but was overall stronger than I expected.

  1. Amber Holcomb
  2. Candice Glover
  3. Kree Harrison
  4. Angie Miller
  5. Lazaro Arbos
  6. Janelle Arthur
  7. Burnell Taylor

Indeed, Burnell Taylor was eliminated. I think he’s overall more talented than Lazaro, but his performance this week was the weakest. I was SHOCKED that Lazaro was included in the top three this week (along with Kree and Angie), and I’m worried that pity and tween girls who think he’s cute will carry him further into this competition than he deserves to go. Why wasn’t Amber in the top three? Is she not likable? I think she’s fantastic!

What did you guys think of Idol this week?


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One Response to American Idol – It’s Still Rock and Roll To Them

  1. Scott says:

    I actually though Amber’s performance was too screechy/pitchy when she was reaching the higher notes, and it was practically a ballad. I’d like her to sing an actual up tempo song. I think that she isn’t as likeable as Kree, Candice, or Janelle, so whilst she’s likeable enough, she pales compared to the others.

    My biggest complaint is that the theme was originally announced as Classic Rock, and then at the start of this weeks show it was announced as simply Rock, and you can see that six of the top seven sang classic rock songs. The only outlier was Angie (and I thought her performance was way too theatrical in an unlikeable way, she’s starting to annoy me. Seriously, stop saying you’re just having fun), who obviously sang a more modern rock song, so it seems like they changed the theme and gave her the pimp spot to sort of announce that she was back after the disaster last week (which she didn’t even realise was bad, she was just having fun).

    I agreed with Nicki (as I normally do), in that I found Candice’s performance boring this week, but she’s still one of the best. I’m shocked Lazaro was in the top 3, and I was also surprised that Mariah was the only one of the judges who chose the right top three. I also thought that the girls’ trio was a mess, and was surprised by the positive feedback.

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