Game of Thrones – Is it winter yet?

Well, it’s that time of year again! The ten weeks when I write “What did <insert confusing storyline here> mean?” or “What’s <insert major character name here>’s deal?” and you guys answer. It’s time for Game of Thrones season three! And all I have to say is, thank god for that fifteen minute season two recap show.

We opened with that poor fat kid running in the snow. What’s his name? Is he the one who fell in love with the girl whose father marries his own daughters? (Yes, he is. Rob confirmed this as I typed.) Yikes. I’m already doing GREAT keeping these characters straight. Within minutes, we saw a decapitated head and body. Welcome back, GoT!

King’s Landing

Tyrion doesn’t trust Cersei, because of course. And he had some issues with Tywin, because no one had told him “Hey, thanks for defending King’s Landing and saving the day for our wealthy, awful family!” He wanted Casterly Rock, which the Interwebs tells me is a large fortress (Haarenhal is biggest) on a stone hill.

Littlefinger told Sansa that he might be able to get her home, but he is the least trustworthy person. Even his ladyfriend said so.


Stannis Baratheon’s right-hand dude, Davos, was found on a rock in the ocean (that’s where he ended up after the big battle), and once he was saved he swore to go stop Melisandre – even if it means his own death. Melisandre blamed Davos for losing the battle, because he’d convinced Stannis to leave her behind, and he was thrown in the dungeon after yelling at her.


Robb Stark put his mother in jail because she freed Jaime Lannister (remember, she thought it was in exchange for her two daughters). That was basically all we saw.


The dragons are big and fly around now! Cool. Very cool. Daenerys and Jorah are on a ship now. She has to put together an army, and met with a guy who looked like Ben Kingsley and his translator. He said rude things, and she responded with appropriate information. So I guess they can’t be trusted either. Then he cut off a soldier’s nipple, which was simply disgusting.

Also gross? That weird, creepy kid with the black lips and the bug. A warlock, apparently. A man in a black cloak saved Daeny, and called her “my queen”. He served Robert Baratheon but had been part of Daeny’s father’s King’s Guard. The episode ended with him offering to serve her and saying that he wouldn’t let her down again.

So that was the episode. I’m bummed we didn’t see Arya, because she’s my favorite, but overall it was OK. GoT always starts incredibly slow, setting up the pieces all season for a great last couple episodes.

As always, this recap is spotty at best, so feel free to fill in the gaps in the comments and tell me what you thought of the show.


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8 Responses to Game of Thrones – Is it winter yet?

  1. Hannah says:

    Casterly Rock is the Lannisters’ ancestral seat, which is why Tyrion kept saying it was his “by lawful right” – Jamie as a sworn knight of the Kingsguard can’t marry or bear children, so the fortress & it’s holdings can’t pass to him, and Cersei as a woman is not permitted to inherit.

    Ser Barristan Selmy was the Kingsguard knight that Joffrey kicked out for being “too old” back in Season 2.

    So far, so good. Season 3 is going to be EPIC, although how they are going to cram everything into ten episodes (is it really only ten? YEOWCH) is beyond me. Book 3 is by far my favourite of the series to date, so I’m really excited to see where they take everything this season.

  2. Dana says:

    I read that originally Bran and Arya had scenes in the premiere but it was so busy and too hard to do justice, so they cut these scenes and we will get a catch up to where they are in episode 2. I think it was a good catch up to where the characters were the last time. I still have a hard time keeping a lot of the core characters straight but reading online recaps helps with that and mostly I stay focused on the core families/klans, Stark, Lannister, Targaryen. I get confused with all the people in the Baratheon camp and although I know all the guard people by face, I can’t keep track of their names.

  3. Derek says:

    IIRC Season 3 is only going to be about the 1st 1/2 of Book 3. This would have book 3 split over seasons 3 &4.

  4. Kristin B says:

    So glad to have this show back in my life. And with Mad Men back next week, Sunday will return to being my favourite day again! (Or technically Monday since that’s when I watch these shows.)

    I don’t think you give yourself enough credit on keeping track of the characters and whatnot. It seems like you know what’s going on! It’s probably impossible to know the names of the secondary and random characters (there are SO many) – unless you’re a rabid fan? I figure, I know them by face, so that’s good enough for me and let’s me enjoy the show.

    I was a little bummed with the lack of Arya in this episode too. Otherwise, quite pleased with the rest of the episode and looking forward to an exciting season. 🙂

    (Sidenote: you forgot to mention Jon Snow’s story! He is rather bland though, so I can understand how he slipped your mind. 😉

    • Jill says:

      I’ll probably end up watching Mad Men on Mondays, too. It’s on kind of late.

      Ah yes, Jon Snow. Agreed, he is a little bland. I do like that girl who used to play Gwen on Downton Abbey though.

  5. Aaron Sirois says:

    Without having read the books, the show is damn near impossible to keep track of. There’s no way I would have recognized Roose Bolton if the book hadn’t made such pains to talk about his sigil.

    And this season is going to add a whole lot more characters. They can’t kill em fast enough to keep up with all the new arrivals.

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