Survivor – She Made A Few “Foo Paws”


Purple vs. Orange

This week’s episode of Survivor started off with Corinne and Phillip wanting one another out, and that rivalry pretty much dominated the episode. Corinne has never been my favorite character; in her first season she came across as more cruel than she seems this time, but she can still be a little bossy and arrogant. Of course, she has nothing on Phillip. He wins, hands down, in both the bossy and arrogant departments, and I absolutely prefer Corinne to him.

The problem with these past couple episodes is that the tribes were so uneven, so I’m glad they’ll be merging next week. That will definitely shake up the game and lead to some less predictable votes.

Weight Gain


Reward Challenge

The Reward Challenge this week was pathetic. The tribe knew it would be physical, because it made reference to the strong carrying the weak. As Cochran noted, they could win if the challenge required weak players as there was no shortage of them on the purple tribe. It was a classic Survivor challenge where players had to run around a ring carrying bags of weight, until one tribe caught the other.

The problem with Phillip is, he doesn’t seem to be aware that he’s a fifty-something year-old fat-ish man. He is not a fast man. He has good aim and has performed well in some challenges so far, but he talked up his strength like he was James the Gravedigger (from Survivor seasons past, for newbies) or someone. It’s that arrogance that made the loss look all the more pathetic. Phillip was up against the likes of Erik, Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie. Those are four strong dudes, and they’re on a tribe with three strong women. There was no beating that team. Not only could Phillip not run himself, but he demanded that his tribe not run either… in a race. WTF? It was a moronic strategy, and the other tribe barely even had to try to beat them. They just sort of strolled along and then won a challenge.

The reward was coffee and baked goods, which everyone likely enjoyed for about twenty minutes before running awkwardly off into the woods.

Double Agents

malcolm 3


There was a lot of activity at both of the camps this week when it came to the Favorites alliances, and it will be interesting to see where that goes next week.

Malcolm made what I think is a pretty smart move by approaching Reynold for an alliance. Malcolm is a smart dude and realized that three other people on his tribe – Reynold, Eddie and Erik – have the same problem he does. Once the merge hits, they will all be targets. He suggested an alliance to Reynold, who immediately went all in and spilled the beans about his Hidden Immunity Idol. Oh, Reynold. Amateur move. Malcolm proved he’s more than a pretty face by keeping his HII to himself.

I think this alliance is a good idea, it might behoove those guys to stick together. But an alliance of four cannot dominate a merged tribe of ten or twelve. The real test will be to see if Malcolm can keep this secret alliance under wraps until the time is right. They have two other fans to vote out before they get to the strong guys (Sherri and Michael) but the targets will certainly be on the backs of Reynold and Eddie. It might not be possible to Malcolm to keep them in the game without blowing his cover.

cochran 2

Comedic Relief

Meanwhile, Phillip continued to bond with Julia over at the other camp. The only reason Phillip likes Julia is because she’s willing to sit there and listen to his crap, never saying a word herself. Cochran, once again peppering the episode with golden witticisms, said “I’m tempted to say she has a vanilla personality, but that would be doing a disservice to vanilla the flavor.”

Unfortunately for Julia, she made a “foo paw”, as Phllip would say it, by confiding in Dawn that she’ll work under Phillip of necessary but would rather help vote him out. Dawn told Phillip that they’d been talking, and Phillip was furious. Those weren’t her orders! She was already the worst double-agent! Temporarily, his anger was redirected away from Corinne.



Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge was closer than the Reward was, but the stronger team still came out on top. Teams had to paddle a boat out to retrieve a heavy statue, then collect some key rings with a grappling hook. The purple tribe held their own with the boat, despite almost overturning it a few times, but Reynold was on fire with the grappling hook and Phillip couldn’t keep up. Another predictable win for the orange team.

I felt bad for Corinne, because she is a physically strong and obviously competitive person. You can tell she’s dying to win and putting in more effort than anyone, so even when she gets a little boasty I feel for her. I do not feel for Phillip.

Oh, Phillip. After the challenge, Mr. CIA “confessed” to Cochran that he’d thrown the challenge so that they could oust Julia before the merge. Suuuuure. Cochran nodded along, but later noted to the camera “I mean, it’s complete crap,” and “I think he’s actually convinced himself at this point that he threw the challenge.” Of course, Phillip was just trying to make excuses for losing the challenge during a task he’s normally good at. It was a grappling hook! “The spy’s basic tool!” (Another gem from Cochran. That kid was on fire this week.)

julia 2


The episode ended where it began: with Phillip and Corinne despising one another. Phillip wanted to split the votes between Julia and Michael in case one of them had a HII. Corinne wanted to just vote out Julia, so that Michael would continue to trust “them” (her). I see why Corinne wanted that, but I actually think Phillip was right here. Of course, his attitude about it was all wrong. As always. The favorites did split the vote, and on the second round Julia was sent packing. Oh Julia, we hardly knew ye. And we won’t remember you come the fallen comrades tribute.

This was a boring vote, but I expect the merge will really make things exciting. None of the favorites have strayed from their alliances, despite having differences, but they’re dying to. That leaves a lot of opportunities for the remaining fans to work their way up the ladder if they play their cards right. I already can’t wait for next Wednesday.

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5 Responses to Survivor – She Made A Few “Foo Paws”

  1. Alex says:

    I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I CANNOT stand Phillip. Oh my God, how is it even humanly possible to be THAT annoying?

    ‘Corinne goes and has conversations with other people and then doesn’t disclose to us the nature of those conversations’. Yes, Phillip, you’re right! The nerve! How dare that woman have a private conversation without filling you in on every last word she said. Watch out, soon enough she’ll start going to the bathroom without asking for your permission!

    Seriously though. Why wasn’t he voted out in the first TC? It’s so annoying.

    On the other hand, I’m starting to like Dawn more and more. She seems to have grown since her last season.

  2. Aaron Sirois says:

    I find it amusing that Phillip keeps trying to compare his game to that of Boston Rob. The fun part about that is that Rob’s strategy only worked 25% of the time. They had to keep bringing him back in order to get him that win, and he only won on a season full of idiots, where intelligence was punished by a quick vote out. I love BR as much as the next Survivor fan, but he is far from the greatest player, and people should really stop trying to emulate his game.

    Sherri has completely disappeared since the switch. She actually got less camera time than Brenda this week.

    We’re down to what, five women now going into the merge? That’s got to be a record. This will make the whole strong dudes alliance things interesting if it works out, because that will make things difficult for any woman to make it to the end. I can easily see Corrine getting bumped off over Phillip because, once again, no one is going to hand him a million bucks. Sherri could be sacrificed because she’s one of the last fans and on the outs with two of the other remaining three. (A clear target for the dude’s alliance.) Brenda has no alliances at all, but could make it through as a swing vote. If Malcolm were smart, he’d pull her into his group to help shore up numbers. Where Dawn and Andrea end up depends on a lot. Andrea is likely still part of Phillip’s alliance, as is Dawn, but I imagine Dawn being much more likely to jump ship if she feels the need.

    Dudes alliance or not, I still can’t see Reynold or Eddie winning this thing. Erik has been such a none factor, I can’t see him either. I think Malcolm has a real shot here, provided he doesn’t blow another last immunity challenge.

  3. Scott says:

    I’m super excited for the merge to happen, bring on the chaos! I love Corinne, and I even enjoyed her during Gabon. Both her and Cochran were on fire tonight (as they have been all season), it’s been my favourite commentary since we had Cirie/Parvati around.

    I seriously cannot stand Phillip, but watching Cochran try not to laugh in his face when he was explaining about how he threw the challenge made him more bearable for me this week 😛 I’m really impressed with Cochran so far, he’s made a lot of good observations about having to show unity with the favourites pre-merge. I also love that Corinne and Phillip (although I don’t know if he’s only doing it because he wouldn’t have the numbers) have stuck together rather than turn on each other in order to further their games, it really shows how much the favourites are thinking things through and really playing for the win, compared to most of the fans who just seem to be playing for as long as they can, or not playing at all (hey, Julia).

    That reward challenge was horrible to watch. I remember them doing it in Palau, and it was so thrilling , but this was basically a non-event. I can’t believe that Phillip didn’t even try to run when they were about to lose, Corinne had taken all of the weight and her and Michael were basically begging him to move but he did nothing, what was that?! It was at least amusing that he thought it was an immunity challenge.

    I hate the idea of Malcolm’s boys alliance, but I just don’t see Erik getting on board, and Malcolm won’t be targeted until the fans are gone, nor do I see him giving his idol up for anyone else, so I don’t think it’ll actually change much unless Reynold/Eddie use the idol correctly in the first vote, or one of them wins immunity (hopefully not).

  4. Davide Maistrello says:

    Well, I don’t think Julia will be forgetted by anyone who didn’t know her, she was really cute but that’s all, I’m not really sad to see her go.

    The episode was solid but nothing special, I want the merge to come soon! I think the productors got a little bit screwed with the tribe switch (IMHO this is one of the element which prove that Survivor isn’t rigged, as lots of people say on the net). Contrarily to what I said last week, I think that an alpha-male alliance is a very smart thing to do, especially for Eddie and Reynold, but also for Erik and Malcolm, who will suffer once the individual immunity challenges start to come out. It remains to be seen if such a project can be brought on since it involves people like Reynold, who seems to be obliged to show everyone his Idol after fifteen minutes or so.

    I think this is a very strong season up to now. Yes, I could have done without Shamar’s rudeness and Brandon’s crazy fits, but overall it has been an entertaining series of episodes until now. I am mainly supporting Erik, Malcolm and Cochran. I want to root for Corinne too, but it seems that she’s gonna fall by Phillip’s hand, sooner or later. Speaking of Phillip, well, I agree that he’s over-the-top and obnoxious most of the times, but I found his delusional antics quite funny from time to time.

    Who I think will win? Dawn or Cochran, since they won’t be targeted post-merge. If they play well their cards, they could be assured final 5 or even 4 (I mean, there is the whole Alpha-male alliance + the remaining fans + Phillip to vote out before them)

    • Davide Maistrello says:

      “I don’t think Julia will be FORGOTTEN”. Please pardon me screwing with verbs, it was late and I was ten minutes away from bed

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