The Amazing Race – Big Hair, Big Brain, Big Deal?

This season of The Amazing Race has been a little dull to me so far. I don’t really have a team I’m rooting for yet. I like the roller derby moms, but I don’t know much about their personalities. The locations, however, have been great and this week I was excited when Phil said the teams would travel to Botswana. ELEPHANTS!

The real problem with this episode, though, was that it was another non-elimination leg. I know Connor and Dave pulling out of the race because of an injury threw a wrench into things, and that it’s likely not as easy for TAR to adapt to those kinds of changes as it is for Survivor. But having no elimination two weeks in a row makes for really disappointing TV.

Scorpion Digging

After some tedious drama over who ended up on the first, second and third flights, the teams ended up in the Kalahari desert where some San Bushmen “helped” them (did the whole thing themselves, basically) dig up scorpions. I don’t know about you guys, but I found the tone of the episode to be a little uncomfortable at times. “These people don’t have day jobs,” was something that Max said. Really, dude? The blond girls assumed that the Bushmen found them attractive, and Max and Katie complained that they smelled bad. It showed a lack of cultural knowledge or interest, and we never knew why this was a thing to do. It was just all “Ah, he put a scorpion in his mouth!” I usually love episodes of TAR that take place in Africa, but this made me cringe and I just wanted it to be over.

Fire vs. Foul

In Fire, teams had to start a fire using two sticks, zebra manure and grass. In Foul, teams had to set a trap to catch a guinea foul. I’ve seen Survivor, I know it’s not easy to make fire without flint. I immediately thought that Foul sounded easier, and was surprised when most people opted for Fire first.

The only team to successfully get the fire started was the hockey bros, and they arrived at the pit stop in first place. Other teams tried, failed, and eventually switched Detours.

I think I have a new favorite team: Pam and Winnie. I loved that they immediately knew to choose Foul, because they “watch a lot of TV”. Girls after my own heart! They finished the task quickly while others sweated over the fire, and finished in second place. Impressive, considering they’d been bringing up the rear for most of the leg. Chuck and Wynona also made a smart Detour decision (they know a thing or two about trapping) and were able to move up into third place.

You’re Fired

The rest of the standings came down to how quickly people were willing to bail on making fire and switch Detours.

So, Team YouTube came fourth, the blond country gals came fifth, and the roller derby moms came in sixth. I wouldn’t have been sad to see Max and Katie get eliminated, because this episode did a good job of reminding us how unlikable they are. Alas, it was a non-elimination leg and I would bet up to $5 that Max and Katie manage to stay in the race next week despite a Speedbump.

What did you guys think? Boring?


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4 Responses to The Amazing Race – Big Hair, Big Brain, Big Deal?

  1. Steve 02116 says:

    I hate to defend Max, but his comment about the day jobs was a way of saying that the bushmen weren’t actors — they were the real deal. The other comments were the usual mix of naive excitement and traditional ugly American. Also, “Fowl.”

  2. Peter says:

    Been busy, but I completely binged on TAR today and caught up. Yeah, I’m rooting for Pam & Winnie as well. I like them most so far.

    Yeah, it was a dull episode and the NEL thing didn’t help it at all… especially it’s when Team Alabama and Max & Katie that were gonna go.. two teams I’m not a fan of.

    And no mention of Joey’s antics? It was half-annoying, half-endearing to me. I still don’t have a read of that team. And suddenly, with the country singers and the hockey bros, it’s like watching a mini-episode of ‘The Bachelor’ every time they’re onscreen together… not that I know what ‘The Bachelor’ is like.. haha.

  3. Aaron Sirois says:

    I liked this episode. The Bushmen seemed to be highly amused, and I swear they were just messing with the racers with half of the things they were doing.

    Also, I don’t know if Joey is gay or not, but he is going to set gay relations back years either way.

  4. Alex says:

    Katie’s smelling comment really offended meand made me hate her. These people are living in the middle of the African bush, you think they use metrosexual body spray like your hubby? ugh!!!! The gay youtube guy is witty but I’m pretty sure he does a lot of over the top mannerisms in order to play up for the cameras and that’s annoying. There aren’t any really likable teams outside of the son/father who had to drop out. The guy with perm/mullet is pretty nice and a decent contestant but dumb as a rock and his wife is lazy as all hell. Thankfully the scenery has been some of the most gorgeous ever.

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