The Amazing Race – Hanoi-ying

amazing-race-dave-connor-455x606This episode of The Amazing Race began with all of the teams waiting around together, which meant a lot of gossip and catiness. Dave and Connor chose to leave the race because of Dave’s injury – a completely respectable, wise decision – but Pam and Winnie let the other teams think that they were still racing, so everyone would think a team was behind them. I thought that was a smart move, and a lie that was strategic without being too mean or targeted towards one team. Max rubbed a lot of the teams the wrong way when he started mocking John and Jessica after finding out they’d gotten eliminated with an Express Pass in their fannypack.

The elimination of John and Jessica weirdly put a target on the backs of their pals – team YouTube and team Roller Derby. The alliances among teams have developed in a bizarre way this season – in what way are the roller derby moms a threat right now?

Roadblock – Political Arts

For the Roadblock, one team member first had to watch a very bubblegum pop performance of a song about Vietnamese communism. It felt like something out of The Producers – an Asian take on “Springtime For Hitler”. Then they had to find a political poster that matched a Vietnamese phrase displayed during the show. It wasn’t on stage for long, was not in English and they couldn’t take notes, so I thought it seemed pretty challenging.

Pam was the first to get it, and didn’t have to sit through a second performance. Most of the others got it after the second performance, but Megan (YouTube) stayed behind to help Beth (Roller Derby). Sigh. Guys. Come on!

Detour – Make Your Move vs. Make Your Meal

tar phoFor the Detour, teams had to choose between playing a large version of Chinese chess, or making the classic Vietnamese dish pho. Even though the Chinese characters on the chess pieces could be confusing, I would have gone for it – pho is complicated and I thought it sounded more time consuming.

Pam and Winnie again finished first – they got quite lucky this round. Pam had an advantage in the Roadblock because she works in art, and both girls were already familiar with Chinese chess. It was a good leg for them, and they finished in first place.

Max and Katie came in second, Mona and Beth in third, Bates and Anthony in fourth, and Caroline and Jennifer in fifth.

U-Turn X2

Pam and Winnie got to the double U-turn first, and stuck to alliance lines by U-turning Team YouTube. Luckily for Megan and Joey, they got to the U-turn pretty early and were able to U-turn someone else as well. They went the smart route and picked the team most likely to be behind them – Chuck and Winona.

tar chuck winonaTeam Mullet was already having a hard time with their first Detour. They couldn’t  find the market to buy ingredients for pho, and while Chuck tried to get them back on track Winona stood around and whined. Teamwork! Unfortunately for them, they’d also forgotten to take the baskets of chickens when they began the challenge.

They had to run back, and Team YouTube finished their second Detour before Chuck and Winona had ever returned with the chickens for their first Detour. They weren’t even aware they’d been U-turned yet and Joey and Megan were already on their way to the pit stop. They were safe, but…so were Chuck and Winona. Are you kidding me? WHAT is the point of having a double U-turn if no one is getting eliminated? It was because Dave and Connor withdrew, but that’s still total bull. What a waste of my time.


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7 Responses to The Amazing Race – Hanoi-ying

  1. Alex says:

    My absolute favorite line of the episode: ‘We need 12 limes and a husband that listens.’
    My second favorite line: ‘We need human beings.’

    I can see why Chuck and Wynona weren’t eliminated, though – it would have been too much to have two teams go home on the same leg. The producers weren’t counting on Dave and Connor having to quit when they designed this leg… we’ve never had a U-Turn on a non-elim. leg.

    I’m excited about next week, though! I’ve been waiting for the scorpion-hunting challenge since the beginning. ^_^

  2. Richard says:

    I agree it was BS, when Phil started the conversation after “You are the last to arrive..” . I spoke to the TV calling BS on a Non-elimination following a U-turn. I guess I can give them a pass since there was no predicting Dave and Connor’s actions, still felt like a waste.

  3. Aaron Sirois says:

    He mentioned nothing about them having a speed bump on the next leg, so I’m theorizing this won’t count as a non-elimination leg. Which means we’re still due for one. Which means it could be next week, which would be all kinds of silly.

  4. Kelly says:

    I thought it was odd how Team YouTube was all offended about Max making fun of John and Jessica being eliminated while having an Express Pass. Max’s reaction was the same as everyone else’s all over the internet this week. But somehow, Max doing it was beyond the pale. Yes, he was a more snide about it than I would have been, but Team YouTube’s reaction was just silly.

    Wynonna has got to be the lamest Amazing Race contestant EVER. Even if you are not athletic, fearless, or good at lots of things (I would even put myself in this camp and would be a horrible racer), you can at least 1) have a positive, supportive attitude with your partner, and 2) step up and do the non-scary roadblocks, like the Communist song task in the theater. That way you save the scary cliff-diving type roadblocks for your fearless partner. She hasn’t done anything at all! Even when there is a non-scary one, she has Chuck do it! What is her deal?

    Speaking of that task, what was with the Communist propaganda in this episode? The creepy, overly happy “communism is beautiful” song, and then the downed American B-52, carefully preserved? Are the Amazing Race producers trying to make some pro-Communism political statement? Misguided, weird, and out of place in a fun reality TV show. In my opinion.

    Yes, I agree that is was odd and disappointing to not have an elimination, but it appears that they did not have time to plan around Dave and Connor bowing out.

    Love Pam and Winnie, and happy that they are doing so well!

  5. Michele says:

    I have been a big fan of this show but I will never watch it again after the insensitive nature of this episode. By using the B-52 “memorial” as the back drop CBS slapped every American service man and woman in the face. Regardless of your opinion of the Vietnam war this was unacceptable.

  6. JAne says:

    Totally agree A huge slap in the face especially for those who served in Vietnam. My friends did, and a close friend died there in combat. Shame on CBS That B-52 memorial represents American lives. How thoughtless and cruel

  7. iwc says:

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