American Idol – Boys Will Be Boys

The boys on American Idol are not strong this year, which is interesting given the trend of winners for the past several years.

I was incredibly bored by this crop of Idol dudes. I hated so many of the performances that I didn’t even bother ranking them this week. Click through to find out what I thought, and share yours in the comments section.

Elijah Liu – “Stay”
This isn’t really a song to clap along to, you know? In fact, the restrained, almost boring Rihanna ballad isn’t really a song for Idol. This was a skilled, but dull performance.

Cortez Shaw – “Locked Out of Heaven”
This wasn’t the greatest performance, but I breathed a sigh of relief that someone was finally singing something upbeat. The smaller stage lends itself better to ballads, I know, but it gets So. Boring. Cortez was strained in parts, and kind of lost energy halfway through, but I don’t think he’s the worst.

Charlie Askew – “Mama”
Oh dear. This was nothing short of a tragedy, from the tank top/earring/mustache combo to the singing itself to the eyes filled with tears as the judges critiqued the performance. The judges have put through some different people this season, and some quirky personalities. There’s a discussion to have on when someone isn’t quirky, but is a socially awkward person suddenly shoved onto the public stage. Charlie telling Seacrest that he only smiles because he thinks he has to was heartbreaking, and truly concerning. Oh man. I just don’t even know.

Nick Boddington – “Iris”
I don’t mind Nick, but I didn’t care for this arrangement of the song.  I don’t have an opinion on whether he goes through, really – I’m fine either way.

Burnell Taylor – “I’m Here”
This was a song from The Color Purple, but Burnell was dressed like he was from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Luckily, he is very very good. There’s no question that he should and will advance.

Paul Jolley – “Just a Fool”
I did not think this was good. That is all.

Lazaro Arbos – “Feeling Good”
Ugh, hasn’t this song been done enough on Idol yet? And it has certainly been done better. This was also not very good.

Curtis Finch Jr. – “I Believe I Can Fly”
Sigh. So many sappy ballads! Ugh. This dull, mediocre and forgettable.

Devin Velez – “Somos Noivos”
Again, boring. I have so little to say about these guys.

Vincent Powell – “End of the Road”
I’m not a big fan of that song, so this wasn’t my favorite performance. Vincent is a fine enough singer, but there’s nothing special about him to me. In this crop of guys he deserves to go through, but there have been way better dudes on Idol.


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One Response to American Idol – Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Scott says:

    That show was painful. I cringe every time I see Curtis because he seems so smarmy and arrogant. Charlie’s segment was painfully awkward to watch, the kid needs to get some help. I really think the guys deserve to be 6th-10th this season. None of them deserve to be in the top 5, let alone the top 3 or 2. I guess the positive is that there’s no WGWG, yay!

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