The Amazing Race – Baaaaaa-d Luck

tar david connorThis week on TAR, the teams left gorgeous Bora Bora for Christchurch, New Zealand – hometown of TAR‘s own Phil Keoghan! Father/son cancer survivors David and Connor began the leg with a huge disadvantage. Last week, David tripped and hurt himself. It turned out it was as serious as he’d feared – a muscle was torn and he had to go to the hospital. John and Jessica gave David and Connor the second Express Pass, which was both a nice thing to do and the agreement of their alliance. Strategically, it was brilliant – if David is really hurt, the Express Pass won’t help him and no one will have an advantage.

At the hospital, David found out that his Achilles tendon was torn as well. With crutches and a big boot, it wasn’t looking like David would be able to compete. You’ve got to hand it to the guy for even trying to stay in the game.

While at the airport, a group of teams agreed to an alliance and targeted the hockey bros as their toughest competition. I’ve always kind of hated alliances on TAR, but with the introduction of U-turns a few seasons ago they have become more important.

Good luck with flights led to Pam and Winnie moving from last place to first place touching down in Christchurch. Chuck and Wynona ended up in last place, but thinking they were in the lead. Embarassing.

Gorge-ous Scenery

Christchurch was pretty, green and filled with sheep. The teams arrived at Rakaia Gorge, but it was after hours and they had to camp overnight. The jet tour in the morning was really cool, and led them to the Detour – Rev It Up or Reel It In.

In “Rev It Up”, both teammates had to navigate a modified vintage car through a course of pylons. In “Reel It In”, each teammate had to catch a fish. I would’ve gone for the driving, because it sounds like more fun than touching stinky fish.

David and Connor made a mistake in going for the driving though, since they got there and realized he wouldn’t be able to drive that style of car with the boot on. They should have anticipated that possibility and gone right to the fishing. The fishing was slow going, so they eventually played the Express Pass. I don’t think that was the right call – they should have saved it for something more physical and stuck out the fishing.

tar carThe teams driving had to beat 83 seconds combined, which took most teams a couple of tries. Jessica and John were first to finish, while Katie got a kick out of pointing out that Max was the weak link on their team. He sucked. I wasn’t surprised when the roller derby moms rocked it, because adrenaline is probably kind of their thing.

Shlameel, Shemozzle (Hasenfeffer Incorporated!)

tar muddy


For the Roadblock, one team member had to do something called a Sheperds’ Shemozzle – also known as proof of how bored people who live in New Zealand are. It was like frosh hazing for farmers. They got covered in mud, poo, chicken feathers and indignity. All the while, they had to deliver a dozen eggs in the process.

David and Connor, because of the Express Pass, finished the leg in first place. They won a trip, but then Phil announced that the race was still going and handed them their next clue. And…to be continued. Damnit! I hate when they do that! David will have to decide if he’s capable of continuing on or not. I mean, it’s weird that he would finish the leg if he wasn’t going to try and finish the race. I assume he will attempt to keep going.

Despite the cliffhanger ending, I thought it was a pretty fun episode. What did you guys think?


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3 Responses to The Amazing Race – Baaaaaa-d Luck

  1. Wayne says:

    I think that David and Connor don’t expect to be able to continue much longer, so I think they wanted to at least use the Express Pass to come in first on that leg and possibly go out on a high note, or at least expect to pull themselves out of the Race at some point down the road but be able to say that they at least won a leg of The Amazing Race.

    I enjoyed the episode as a whole. That obstacle course was an interesting way to showcase New Zealand. It didn’t exactly make me want to rush over to New Zealand (although that beautiful river and scenery sure did!); I found myself wondering “how bored would someone have to be to come up with something like that?” Although the tube ride down the Slip n’ Slide hillside looked like fun.

    I’m with you on the “To Be Continued”: I hate that! Cynical me also thinks that there is nothing “pre-determined” about those times and the non-elimination rounds; I’m starting to think that the producers wait to see when would be a good time to do those things and then all of a sudden do them. This was a good time to tell them they were still racing, because Connor and David were thinking they could rest for a bit and the drama that ensues when they get told that, no, they still have to race will keep viewers coming back next week. It also seems to me that the non-elimination rounds quite often seem to happen when a team who is seen as popular or unpopular by the viewers and who make for good TV (and I’m sure the producers know while they’re filming which teams will make for good TV) get to the pit stop last. It always strikes me as way too convenient that the good-for-TV team manages to get that second chance. Of course, that’s based on nothing but my own cynical speculation, so take it for what it’s worth.

  2. Davide Maistrello says:

    Oh, well, I’m so sad for Dave and Connor! They’re by far my favourite this season, and, for what we’ve seen until now, one of the strongest teams, but the whole injury thing is SO going to jeopardize their chances. I think they tried to stick in the Race to win at least one leg and the collateral prize which comes with it. At least they succeeded!

    Not much happened this week. I love New Zealand and I’d like to visit it sooner or later, but the challenges the contestants were put through were kind of lame, especially the Shemozzle one. It would have been such fun to do the vintage car course! I’m always kind of surprised when I see how many Americans can’t use the stick, or can change gears but can’t work it properly, and I loved that there was a challenge that rewarded who had that skill.

    At the moment I think that the strongest teams are Jessica and John (handing over their second Express Pass was both a nice gesture and a brilliantly strategic move) and the hockey twins. I suspect we will see much more of the YouTubers (I can’t stand them, but it seems they are everyone’s favourite) and the roller derby moms, who I’ve come to like more and more with each passing episode.

    The final was infuriating, but it took so much to show the travel from French Polynesia to New Zealand, plus Dave’s hospital visit, that it was obvious they couldn’t show the whole leg in 42 minutes. I hope Max and Katie will be eliminated (I don’t really like him) but it could very well be a non-elimination leg. Well, I suppose we shall wait and see! Good season by far and I can’t wait to see how it plays!

  3. Alex says:

    It WAS NOT nice of Jessica and John to hand over the express pass!! It was the deal they made. You’re only as good as your word and that was their deal. It was convenient from a strategy standpoint as well. I was so happy to see the hockey players make fun of John. He’s such a douche. He admitted he wanted to break the deal and wanted everyone to kiss his ass.

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