Dexter – Who is Deb now?

dexterMinutes into the Dexter season finale, we got confirmation that Hannah did indeed try to poison Deb. I thought that all along, but there was the possibility that Deb had done it herself. Luckily, there were enough twists and turns in this finale that we didn’t need that mystery.

The title of the episode, “Surprise…” (I’m editing it to keep the blog family-friendly) was a Doakes quote, and the flashbacks to Dexter’s problems with him were very well used in the episode. Dexter was able to disguise himself to pretty much everyone, but never Doakes. Recalling that as Dexter’s illusions crashed down around him made it even more dramatic.

Early in the episode, LaGuerta arrived at Dexter’s apartment and placed him under arrest for the murder of Hector Estrada. But we knew Dexter didn’t end up killing Estrada, making everything so much more interesting. The evidence that LaGuerta was using against Dexter was old, and pointed to a framing. Dexter had outsmarted her, and we weren’t even halfway through the episode! The tension was soaring through the roof.

Dexter had so many balls in the air – with Hannah in prison, how could he be sure that she wouldn’t angrily out her? And Estrada was still out there – if LaGuerta got to him first, Dexter would be toast.

Hannah’s little speech to Deb was fantastic – Yvonne Strahovski really pulled off the perfect attitude for Hannah. Aloof and cunning, she made sure she had the last word with Deb before her friend slipped her the means for what I assumed would be suicide. (Poison, of course.) Hannah was not cut out for life behind bars. I thought she might out Dexter though, and she did not. I guess she really did love him. But Hannah was smarter than killing herself – she just needed to get to the hospital, so she could manage to escape.

LaGuerta wasn’t going to let up. She caught Deb in a lie about being at the church the night they found Travis, and had footage of Deb filling up containers of gasoline. The evidence against them was mounting, and it was only a matter of time before LaGuerta was able to prove that Deb had gotten gas in between visits to the church.

If you saw the trailer for this episode, you knew where everything was leading – to Dexter throwing LaGuerta in his trunk. First he took out Estrada – not because it was within his code, but for survival. “Normal reasons”. And he was about to kill again, and it wouldn’t even come close to fitting the code.


Everything has changed.

Dexter was about to kill LaGuerta when Deb arrived on the scene, creating the perfect climax. LaGuerta groggily woke up from Dexter’s drug, and tried to convince Deb to shoot her brother. She urged Deb and told her “This is not who you are”, and Deb had to make a choice. Dexter even gave her permission, he dropped his knife and told Deb “It’s OK. Do what you’ve got to do.” And Deb chose who she is. She shot LaGuerta.

Damn. This season has had a couple of issues, but the evolution of Deb after finding out her brother’s secret has been epic. This was the perfect culmination for that storyline. Deborah Morgan killed an innocent woman in cold blood, and she will never be the same. What a way to end the season.


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5 Responses to Dexter – Who is Deb now?

  1. Dana says:

    Yeah, wow. I saw a clip with the creators of the show saying that the scene was supposed to end with Deb shooting LaGuerta, the part where she ran, hugged her and cried was not scripted and actually that was the most moving part.

    I don’t want to nitpick what was a superb episode. I do think that while this season does not compare with the Trinity season, the suspense of this episode in watching Deb choose and become a murderer is just as jaw dropping as finding Rita dead in the bathtub was in season 3.

    One small bone I have to pick is that everyone is saying that killing LaGuerta is the first time that Dexter hasn’t fit the code, I don’t think that’s true. Killing Doakes and Lilah didn’t fit the code either and I think there may have been one other kill as well. Jill, can you or one of the other commenters confirm that?

    You know now with LaGuerta dead that Batista will not retire and will be the one to go on Dexter’s trail next season. Also, the bit with Quinn sucked, but I am glad we only had to deal with him for a couple of minutes on screen.

    Also, don’t they need to high tail it over to LaGuerta’s house and destroy those warrants and anything else which can connect Deb and Dex to the Church? Obviously they are not in the clear.

    • Jose says:

      One small correction, but Lila killed Doakes, not Dexter. That made killing her fit the code. Dexter has killed people who did not fit, though. There was the guy he bludgeoned with a boat anchor after Rita’s death and another rushed kill he made after not going through the vetting process properly.

      • Jill says:

        I think Jose has it right, but yes, killing LaGuerta wouldn’t have been the first time Dexter didn’t follow the code. I think it was when his brother’s “ghost” had replaced Harry as his voice of reason? So this sort of implies that he’s spiralling out of control again.

        I agree, Dana, I don’t think anything can ever compare to the Trinity season as a whole, but that final scene with Deb was a highlight for the series.

    • Kyung says:

      Also, don’t forget he killed the pedophile who was stalking Astor

  2. Bud says:

    I was actually dissappointed in the finale. One thing I was happy about was Dexter finally getting the closure by avenging his mother – closure on the very thing that created his dark passenger. This could create a whole new reality for him – except that Deb is now dragged into this. I was also hoping that they would bring Doakes back for some new scenes – another ghost a la his brother and father. Or a dream sequence. That would have been cool because those two characters had a great dynamic.

    Hannah is a superb character! But the hokey-ness of her situation: She escapes from the hospital, has time to go home, get cleaned up, and leisurely drop by Dexter’s place, cool, calm and collected. No APBs! No one even looking for her!

    I guess I am nit-picking. What a great improvement over the last two seasons. In the interview with one of the producers after the show, he said they would explore more of Dexter’s past next season. He made it sound interesting, but I am worried that they will just screw up the storyline the way sequels can ruin an original movie.

    Great job on the Dexter blog, Jill, and it’s been a pleasure sharing ideas with all of you! See you next year. I still recommend Shameless, if you want to try another Showtime series this winter. Each character is a celebration of irreverence in their own way.

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